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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkottieLayer_DEFINED
#define SkottieLayer_DEFINED
#include "modules/skottie/src/SkottiePriv.h"
namespace skottie {
namespace internal {
class CompositionBuilder;
class LayerBuilder final {
LayerBuilder(const skjson::ObjectValue& jlayer, const SkSize& comp_size);
LayerBuilder(const LayerBuilder&) = default;
int index() const { return fIndex; }
bool isCamera() const;
// Attaches the local and ancestor transform chain for the layer "native" type.
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> buildTransform(const AnimationBuilder&, CompositionBuilder*);
// Attaches the actual layer content and finalizes its render tree. Called once per layer.
sk_sp<sksg::RenderNode> buildRenderTree(const AnimationBuilder&, CompositionBuilder*,
const LayerBuilder* prev_layer);
const sk_sp<sksg::RenderNode>& contentTree() const { return fContentTree; }
const SkSize& size() const { return fInfo.fSize; }
enum TransformType : uint8_t {
k2D = 0,
k3D = 1,
enum Flags {
// k2DTransformValid = 0x01, // reserved for cache tracking
// k3DTransformValie = 0x02, // reserved for cache tracking
kIs3D = 0x04, // 3D layer ("ddd": 1) or camera layer
bool is3D() const { return fFlags & Flags::kIs3D; }
bool hasMotionBlur(const CompositionBuilder*) const;
// Attaches (if needed) and caches the transform chain for a given layer,
// as either a 2D or 3D chain type.
// Called transitively (and possibly repeatedly) to resolve layer parenting.
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> getTransform(const AnimationBuilder&, CompositionBuilder*,
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> getParentTransform(const AnimationBuilder&, CompositionBuilder*,
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> doAttachTransform(const AnimationBuilder&, CompositionBuilder*,
const skjson::ObjectValue& fJlayer;
const int fIndex;
const int fParentIndex;
const int fType;
const bool fAutoOrient;
AnimationBuilder::LayerInfo fInfo;
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> fLayerTransform; // this layer's transform node.
sk_sp<sksg::Transform> fTransformCache[2]; // cached 2D/3D chain for the local node
sk_sp<sksg::RenderNode> fContentTree; // render tree for layer content,
// excluding mask/matte and blending
AnimatorScope fLayerScope; // layer-scoped animators
size_t fTransformAnimatorCount = 0; // transform-related animator count
uint32_t fFlags = 0;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace skottie
#endif // SkottieLayer_DEFINED