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* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_ComputePipeline_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_ComputePipeline_DEFINED
#include "src/gpu/graphite/Resource.h"
namespace skgpu::graphite {
class Gpu;
* ComputePipeline corresponds to a backend specific pipeline used for compute (vs rendering),
* e.g. MTLComputePipelineState (Metal),
* CreateComputePipeline (Dawn),
* CreateComputePipelineState (D3D12),
* or VkComputePipelineCreateInfo (Vulkan).
class ComputePipeline : public Resource {
~ComputePipeline() override = default;
// TODO(b/240615224): The pipeline should return an optional effective local workgroup
// size if the value was statically assigned in the shader (when it's not possible to assign
// them via specialization constants).
explicit ComputePipeline(const Gpu*);
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_graphite_ComputePipeline_DEFINED