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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef ClearOp_DEFINED
#define ClearOp_DEFINED
#include "include/gpu/GrTypes.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrScissorState.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/ops/GrOp.h"
class GrOpFlushState;
class GrRecordingContext;
namespace skgpu::v1 {
class ClearOp final : public GrOp {
// A fullscreen or scissored clear, depending on the clip and proxy dimensions
static GrOp::Owner MakeColor(GrRecordingContext* context,
const GrScissorState& scissor,
std::array<float, 4> color);
static GrOp::Owner MakeStencilClip(GrRecordingContext* context,
const GrScissorState& scissor,
bool insideMask);
const char* name() const override { return "Clear"; }
const std::array<float, 4>& color() const { return fColor; }
bool stencilInsideMask() const { return fStencilInsideMask; }
friend class GrOp; // for ctors
enum class Buffer {
kColor = 0b01,
kStencilClip = 0b10,
kBoth = 0b11,
ClearOp(Buffer buffer,
const GrScissorState& scissor,
std::array<float, 4> color,
bool stencil);
CombineResult onCombineIfPossible(GrOp* t, SkArenaAlloc*, const GrCaps& caps) override;
void onPrePrepare(GrRecordingContext*, const GrSurfaceProxyView& writeView, GrAppliedClip*,
const GrDstProxyView&, GrXferBarrierFlags renderPassXferBarriers,
GrLoadOp colorLoadOp) override {}
void onPrepare(GrOpFlushState*) override {}
void onExecute(GrOpFlushState* state, const SkRect& chainBounds) override;
SkString onDumpInfo() const override {
SkString string("Scissor [ ");
if (fScissor.enabled()) {
const SkIRect& r = fScissor.rect();
string.appendf("L: %d, T: %d, R: %d, B: %d", r.fLeft, r.fTop, r.fRight, r.fBottom);
} else {
string.appendf("], Color: {%g, %g, %g, %g}\n", fColor[0], fColor[1], fColor[2], fColor[3]);
return string;
GrScissorState fScissor;
std::array<float, 4> fColor;
bool fStencilInsideMask;
Buffer fBuffer;
} // namespace skgpu::v1
#endif // ClearOp_DEFINED