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* Copyright 2019 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrSurfaceProxyView_DEFINED
#define GrSurfaceProxyView_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "include/core/SkSize.h"
#include "include/core/SkTypes.h"
#include "include/gpu/GrTypes.h"
#include "include/private/base/SkTo.h"
#include "include/private/base/SkTypeTraits.h"
#include "src/gpu/Swizzle.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrSurfaceProxy.h"
#include <string_view>
#include <type_traits>
#include <utility>
class GrRecordingContext;
class GrRenderTargetProxy;
class GrTextureProxy;
enum class SkBackingFit;
struct SkIRect;
namespace skgpu {
enum class Budgeted : bool;
class GrSurfaceProxyView {
GrSurfaceProxyView() = default;
GrSurfaceProxyView(sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> proxy, GrSurfaceOrigin origin, skgpu::Swizzle swizzle)
: fProxy(std::move(proxy)), fOrigin(origin), fSwizzle(swizzle) {}
// This entry point is used when we don't care about the origin or the swizzle.
explicit GrSurfaceProxyView(sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> proxy)
: fProxy(std::move(proxy)), fOrigin(kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin) {}
GrSurfaceProxyView(GrSurfaceProxyView&& view) = default;
GrSurfaceProxyView(const GrSurfaceProxyView&) = default;
explicit operator bool() const { return SkToBool(fProxy.get()); }
GrSurfaceProxyView& operator=(const GrSurfaceProxyView&) = default;
GrSurfaceProxyView& operator=(GrSurfaceProxyView&& view) = default;
bool operator==(const GrSurfaceProxyView& view) const;
bool operator!=(const GrSurfaceProxyView& other) const { return !(*this == other); }
int width() const { return this->proxy()->width(); }
int height() const { return this->proxy()->height(); }
SkISize dimensions() const { return this->proxy()->dimensions(); }
GrMipmapped mipmapped() const;
GrSurfaceProxy* proxy() const { return fProxy.get(); }
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> refProxy() const { return fProxy; }
GrTextureProxy* asTextureProxy() const;
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> asTextureProxyRef() const;
GrRenderTargetProxy* asRenderTargetProxy() const;
sk_sp<GrRenderTargetProxy> asRenderTargetProxyRef() const;
GrSurfaceOrigin origin() const { return fOrigin; }
skgpu::Swizzle swizzle() const { return fSwizzle; }
void concatSwizzle(skgpu::Swizzle swizzle);
GrSurfaceProxyView makeSwizzle(skgpu::Swizzle swizzle) const&;
GrSurfaceProxyView makeSwizzle(skgpu::Swizzle swizzle) &&;
void reset();
// Helper that copies a rect of a src view'' proxy and then creates a view for the copy with
// the same origin and swizzle as the src view.
static GrSurfaceProxyView Copy(GrRecordingContext* context,
GrSurfaceProxyView src,
GrMipmapped mipmapped,
SkIRect srcRect,
SkBackingFit fit,
skgpu::Budgeted budgeted,
std::string_view label);
static GrSurfaceProxyView Copy(GrRecordingContext* rContext,
GrSurfaceProxyView src,
GrMipmapped mipmapped,
SkBackingFit fit,
skgpu::Budgeted budgeted,
std::string_view label);
// This does not reset the origin or swizzle, so the View can still be used to access those
// properties associated with the detached proxy.
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> detachProxy() { return std::move(fProxy); }
using sk_is_trivially_relocatable = std::true_type;
sk_sp<GrSurfaceProxy> fProxy;
GrSurfaceOrigin fOrigin = kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin;
skgpu::Swizzle fSwizzle;