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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/core/SkBitmap.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrDataUtils.h"
#include "tests/Test.h"
class GrSurfaceContext;
class GrSurfaceProxy;
typedef uint32_t GrColor;
// Ensure that reading back from 'srcContext' as RGBA 8888 matches 'expectedPixelValues
void TestReadPixels(skiatest::Reporter*, GrSurfaceContext* srcContext,
uint32_t expectedPixelValues[], const char* testName);
// See if trying to write RGBA 8888 pixels to 'dstContext' matches matches the
// expectation ('expectedToWork')
void TestWritePixels(skiatest::Reporter*, GrSurfaceContext* srcContext, bool expectedToWork,
const char* testName);
// Ensure that the pixels can be copied from 'proxy' viewed as colorType, to an RGBA 8888
// destination (both texture-backed and rendertarget-backed).
void TestCopyFromSurface(skiatest::Reporter*, GrContext*, GrSurfaceProxy* proxy,
GrSurfaceOrigin origin, GrColorType colorType,
uint32_t expectedPixelValues[], const char* testName);
// Fills data with a red-green gradient
void FillPixelData(int width, int height, GrColor* data);
// Create a solid colored backend texture and syncs the CPU to wait for upload to finish
bool CreateBackendTexture(GrContext* context,
GrBackendTexture* backendTex,
int width, int height,
SkColorType colorType,
const SkColor4f& color,
GrMipMapped mipMapped,
GrRenderable renderable,
GrProtected = GrProtected::kNo);
bool CreateBackendTexture(GrContext*,
GrBackendTexture* backendTex,
const SkImageInfo& ii,
const SkColor4f& color,
GrProtected = GrProtected::kNo);
void DeleteBackendTexture(GrContext*, const GrBackendTexture& backendTex);
// Checks srcBuffer and dstBuffer contain the same colors
bool DoesFullBufferContainCorrectColor(const GrColor* srcBuffer,
const GrColor* dstBuffer,
int width, int height);
// Encodes the bitmap into a data:/image/png;base64,... url suitable to view in a browser after
// printing to a log. If false is returned, dst holds an error message instead of a URI.
bool BipmapToBase64DataURI(const SkBitmap& bitmap, SkString* dst);
/** Used by compare_pixels. */
using ComparePixmapsErrorReporter = void(int x, int y, const float diffs[4]);
* Compares pixels pointed to by 'a' with 'infoA' and rowBytesA to pixels pointed to by 'b' with
* 'infoB' and 'rowBytesB'.
* If the infos have different dimensions error is called with negative coordinate values and
* zero diffs and no comparisons are made.
* Before comparison pixels are converted to a common color type, alpha type, and color space.
* The color type is always 32 bit float. The alpha type is premul if one of 'infoA' and 'infoB' is
* premul and the other is unpremul. The color space is linear sRGB if 'infoA' and 'infoB' have
* different colorspaces, otherwise their common color space is used.
* 'tolRGBA' expresses the allowed difference between pixels in the comparison space per channel. If
* pixel components differ more than by 'tolRGBA' in absolute value in any channel then 'error' is
* called with the coordinate and difference in the comparison space (B - A).
* The function quits after a single error is reported and returns false if 'error' was called and
* true otherwise.
bool ComparePixels(const GrImageInfo& infoA, const char* a, size_t rowBytesA,
const GrImageInfo& infoB, const char* b, size_t rowBytesB,
const float tolRGBA[4], std::function<ComparePixmapsErrorReporter>& error);
/** Convenience version of above that takes SkPixmap inputs. */
bool ComparePixels(const SkPixmap& a, const SkPixmap& b, const float tolRGBA[4],
std::function<ComparePixmapsErrorReporter>& error);
* Convenience version that checks that 'pixmap' is a solid field of 'col'
bool CheckSolidPixels(const SkColor4f& col,
const SkPixmap& pixmap,
const float tolRGBA[4],
std::function<ComparePixmapsErrorReporter>& error);
* Checks the ref cnt on a proxy and its backing store. This is only valid if the proxy and the
* resource are both used on a single thread.
void CheckSingleThreadedProxyRefs(skiatest::Reporter* reporter,
GrSurfaceProxy* proxy,
int32_t expectedProxyRefs,
int32_t expectedBackingRefs);