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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ttFont sfntVersion="\x00\x01\x00\x00" ttLibVersion="3.44">
<!-- The 'id' attribute is only for humans; it is ignored when parsed. -->
<GlyphID id="0" name=".notdef"/>
<GlyphID id="1" name="a"/>
<GlyphID id="2" name="b"/>
<GlyphID id="3" name="c"/>
<GlyphID id="4" name="gravecomb"/>
<!-- Most of this table will be recalculated by the compiler -->
<tableVersion value="1.0"/>
<fontRevision value="1.0"/>
<checkSumAdjustment value="0xeb63091d"/>
<magicNumber value="0x5f0f3cf5"/>
<flags value="00000000 00001011"/>
<unitsPerEm value="1024"/>
<created value="Mon Aug 6 13:54:50 1990"/>
<modified value="Thu Nov 7 20:55:30 2019"/>
<xMin value="-267"/>
<yMin value="0"/>
<xMax value="640"/>
<yMax value="914"/>
<macStyle value="00000000 00000000"/>
<lowestRecPPEM value="8"/>
<fontDirectionHint value="2"/>
<indexToLocFormat value="0"/>
<glyphDataFormat value="0"/>
<tableVersion value="0x00010000"/>
<ascent value="927"/>
<descent value="-217"/>
<lineGap value="34"/>
<advanceWidthMax value="768"/>
<minLeftSideBearing value="-267"/>
<minRightSideBearing value="19"/>
<xMaxExtent value="640"/>
<caretSlopeRise value="1"/>
<caretSlopeRun value="0"/>
<caretOffset value="0"/>
<reserved0 value="0"/>
<reserved1 value="0"/>
<reserved2 value="0"/>
<reserved3 value="0"/>
<metricDataFormat value="0"/>
<numberOfHMetrics value="5"/>
<!-- Most of this table will be recalculated by the compiler -->
<tableVersion value="0x10000"/>
<numGlyphs value="5"/>
<maxPoints value="32"/>
<maxContours value="2"/>
<maxCompositePoints value="0"/>
<maxCompositeContours value="0"/>
<maxZones value="2"/>
<maxTwilightPoints value="16"/>
<maxStorage value="47"/>
<maxFunctionDefs value="66"/>
<maxInstructionDefs value="0"/>
<maxStackElements value="1036"/>
<maxSizeOfInstructions value="0"/>
<maxComponentElements value="0"/>
<maxComponentDepth value="0"/>
<!-- The fields 'usFirstCharIndex' and 'usLastCharIndex'
will be recalculated by the compiler -->
<version value="1"/>
<xAvgCharWidth value="554"/>
<usWeightClass value="400"/>
<usWidthClass value="5"/>
<fsType value="00000000 00000000"/>
<ySubscriptXSize value="717"/>
<ySubscriptYSize value="666"/>
<ySubscriptXOffset value="0"/>
<ySubscriptYOffset value="142"/>
<ySuperscriptXSize value="717"/>
<ySuperscriptYSize value="666"/>
<ySuperscriptXOffset value="0"/>
<ySuperscriptYOffset value="488"/>
<yStrikeoutSize value="51"/>
<yStrikeoutPosition value="265"/>
<sFamilyClass value="2053"/>
<bFamilyType value="2"/>
<bSerifStyle value="11"/>
<bWeight value="6"/>
<bProportion value="4"/>
<bContrast value="2"/>
<bStrokeVariation value="2"/>
<bArmStyle value="2"/>
<bLetterForm value="2"/>
<bMidline value="2"/>
<bXHeight value="4"/>
<ulUnicodeRange1 value="00000000 00000000 00000000 00000011"/>
<ulUnicodeRange2 value="00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000"/>
<ulUnicodeRange3 value="00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000"/>
<ulUnicodeRange4 value="00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000"/>
<achVendID value="Mono"/>
<fsSelection value="00000000 01000000"/>
<usFirstCharIndex value="97"/>
<usLastCharIndex value="768"/>
<sTypoAscender value="746"/>
<sTypoDescender value="-216"/>
<sTypoLineGap value="154"/>
<usWinAscent value="927"/>
<usWinDescent value="217"/>
<ulCodePageRange1 value="01000000 00000000 00000001 11111111"/>
<ulCodePageRange2 value="11111111 11111111 00000000 00000000"/>
<mtx name=".notdef" width="768" lsb="128"/>
<mtx name="a" width="569" lsb="37"/>
<mtx name="b" width="569" lsb="67"/>
<mtx name="c" width="512" lsb="40"/>
<mtx name="gravecomb" width="0" lsb="-267"/>
<tableVersion version="0"/>
<cmap_format_4 platformID="3" platEncID="1" language="0">
<map code="0x61" name="a"/><!-- LATIN SMALL LETTER A -->
<map code="0x62" name="b"/><!-- LATIN SMALL LETTER B -->
<map code="0x63" name="c"/><!-- LATIN SMALL LETTER C -->
<map code="0x300" name="gravecomb"/><!-- COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT -->
<!-- The 'loca' table will be calculated by the compiler -->
<!-- The xMin, yMin, xMax and yMax values
will be recalculated by the compiler. -->
<TTGlyph name=".notdef" xMin="128" yMin="0" xMax="640" yMax="640">
<pt x="128" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="128" y="640" on="1"/>
<pt x="640" y="640" on="1"/>
<pt x="640" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="144" y="16" on="1"/>
<pt x="624" y="16" on="1"/>
<pt x="624" y="624" on="1"/>
<pt x="144" y="624" on="1"/>
<TTGlyph name="a" xMin="37" yMin="0" xMax="526" yMax="543">
<pt x="414" y="66" on="1"/>
<pt x="337" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="217" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="37" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="37" y="140" on="1"/>
<pt x="37" y="281" on="0"/>
<pt x="246" y="306" on="1"/>
<pt x="354" y="319" on="0"/>
<pt x="406" y="337" on="1"/>
<pt x="406" y="468" on="0"/>
<pt x="279" y="468" on="1"/>
<pt x="166" y="468" on="0"/>
<pt x="144" y="380" on="1"/>
<pt x="52" y="380" on="1"/>
<pt x="86" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="498" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="498" y="342" on="1"/>
<pt x="498" y="222" on="1"/>
<pt x="498" y="96" on="0"/>
<pt x="509" y="30" on="0"/>
<pt x="526" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="432" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="418" y="28" on="0"/>
<pt x="406" y="266" on="1"/>
<pt x="360" y="246" on="0"/>
<pt x="260" y="232" on="1"/>
<pt x="129" y="214" on="0"/>
<pt x="129" y="144" on="1"/>
<pt x="129" y="78" on="0"/>
<pt x="239" y="78" on="1"/>
<pt x="406" y="78" on="0"/>
<pt x="406" y="234" on="1"/>
<TTGlyph name="b" xMin="67" yMin="0" xMax="528" yMax="733">
<pt x="157" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="67" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="67" y="733" on="1"/>
<pt x="157" y="733" on="1"/>
<pt x="157" y="472" on="1"/>
<pt x="214" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="302" y="543" on="1"/>
<pt x="528" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="528" y="274" on="1"/>
<pt x="528" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="157" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="157" y="66" on="1"/>
<pt x="157" y="270" on="1"/>
<pt x="157" y="76" on="0"/>
<pt x="297" y="76" on="1"/>
<pt x="442" y="76" on="0"/>
<pt x="442" y="266" on="1"/>
<pt x="442" y="469" on="0"/>
<pt x="294" y="469" on="1"/>
<pt x="157" y="469" on="0"/>
<TTGlyph name="c" xMin="40" yMin="0" xMax="493" yMax="543">
<pt x="400" y="182" on="1"/>
<pt x="493" y="182" on="1"/>
<pt x="464" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="281" y="0" on="1"/>
<pt x="40" y="0" on="0"/>
<pt x="40" y="264" on="1"/>
<pt x="40" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="282" y="543" on="1"/>
<pt x="460" y="543" on="0"/>
<pt x="493" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="400" y="375" on="1"/>
<pt x="378" y="469" on="0"/>
<pt x="286" y="469" on="1"/>
<pt x="132" y="469" on="0"/>
<pt x="132" y="266" on="1"/>
<pt x="132" y="78" on="0"/>
<pt x="279" y="78" on="1"/>
<pt x="384" y="78" on="0"/>
<TTGlyph name="gravecomb" xMin="-267" yMin="774" xMax="-79" yMax="914">
<pt x="-79" y="774" on="1"/>
<pt x="-152" y="774" on="1"/>
<pt x="-267" y="914" on="1"/>
<pt x="-146" y="914" on="1"/>
<namerecord nameID="1" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
<namerecord nameID="2" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
<namerecord nameID="3" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
<namerecord nameID="4" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
<namerecord nameID="6" platformID="3" platEncID="1" langID="0x409">
<formatType value="3.0"/>
<italicAngle value="0.0"/>
<underlinePosition value="-108"/>
<underlineThickness value="75"/>
<isFixedPitch value="0"/>
<minMemType42 value="0"/>
<maxMemType42 value="0"/>
<minMemType1 value="0"/>
<maxMemType1 value="0"/>