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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
import default
"""SSH flavor, used for running code on a remote device via SSH.
Must be subclassed to set self.device_dirs. The default implementation assumes
a Linux-based device.
class SSHFlavor(default.DefaultFlavor):
def __init__(self, m, app_name):
super(SSHFlavor, self).__init__(m, app_name)
self._user_ip = ''
def user_ip(self):
if not self._user_ip:
path = self.m.path.expanduser('~/ssh_machine.json')
ssh_info = self.m.file.read_json('read ssh_machine.json', path,
self._user_ip = ssh_info.get(u'user_ip')
return self._user_ip
def ssh(self, title, *cmd, **kwargs):
if 'infra_step' not in kwargs:
kwargs['infra_step'] = True
ssh_cmd = ['ssh', '-oConnectTimeout=15', '-oBatchMode=yes',
'-t', '-t', self.user_ip] + list(cmd)
return self._run(title, ssh_cmd, **kwargs)
def ensure_device_dir(self, path):
self.ssh('mkdir %s' % path, 'mkdir', '-p', path)
def install(self):
if self.app_name:
host_path = self.host_dirs.bin_dir.join(self.app_name)
device_path = self.device_path_join(self.device_dirs.bin_dir, self.app_name)
self.copy_file_to_device(host_path, device_path)
self.ssh('make %s executable' % self.app_name, 'chmod', '+x', device_path)
def create_clean_device_dir(self, path):
# use -f to silently return if path doesn't exist
self.ssh('rm %s' % path, 'rm', '-rf', path)
def read_file_on_device(self, path, **kwargs):
rv = self.ssh('read %s' % path,
'cat', path, stdout=self.m.raw_io.output(),
return rv.stdout.rstrip() if rv and rv.stdout else None
def remove_file_on_device(self, path):
# use -f to silently return if path doesn't exist
self.ssh('rm %s' % path, 'rm', '-f', path)
def scp_device_path(self, device_path):
return '%s:%s' % (self.user_ip, device_path)
def copy_file_to_device(self, host_path, device_path):
device_path = self.scp_device_path(device_path)
self._run('scp %s %s' % (host_path, device_path),
['scp', host_path, device_path], infra_step=True)
# TODO(benjaminwagner): implement with rsync
#def copy_directory_contents_to_device(self, host_path, device_path):
# TODO(benjaminwagner): implement with rsync
#def copy_directory_contents_to_host(self, device_path, host_path):
def step(self, name, cmd, **kwargs):
# Run cmd (installed above)
cmd[0] = self.device_path_join(self.device_dirs.bin_dir, cmd[0])
self.ssh(str(name), *cmd)