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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from . import default
"""Docker flavor, used for running inside a Docker container."""
# TODO(dogben): Move this mapping to a machine-editable file.
# TODO(dogben): Use images without extra packages installed.
'gcc-debian10': (
'gcc-debian10-x86': (
class DockerFlavor(default.DefaultFlavor):
def __init__(self, m, app_name):
super(DockerFlavor, self).__init__(m, app_name)
def _map_host_path_to_docker(self, path):
"""Returns the path in the Docker container mapped to the given path.
Returns None if the path is not mapped into the Docker container.
path = str(path)
for (docker_dir, host_dir) in [
(self.m.docker.mount_out(), str(self.m.vars.swarming_out_dir)),
(self.m.docker.mount_src(), str(self.m.path['start_dir'])),
if path.startswith(host_dir):
return docker_dir + path[len(host_dir):]
return None
def step(self, name, cmd, **unused_kwargs):
extra_tokens = [t for t in self.m.vars.extra_tokens if t != 'Docker']
os = self.m.vars.builder_cfg.get('os', '')
model = self.m.vars.builder_cfg.get('model', '')
cpu_or_gpu = self.m.vars.builder_cfg.get('cpu_or_gpu', '')
arch = self.m.vars.builder_cfg.get('arch', '')
image_name = None
if (os == 'Debian10' and model == 'GCE' and cpu_or_gpu == 'CPU' and
not extra_tokens):
if arch == 'x86_64':
image_name = 'gcc-debian10'
elif arch == 'x86':
image_name = 'gcc-debian10-x86'
if not image_name: # pragma: nocover
raise Exception('Not implemented: ' + self.m.vars.builder_name)
image_hash = IMAGES[image_name]
# TODO(dogben): Currently Linux-specific.
app = self._map_host_path_to_docker(self.device_dirs.bin_dir.join(cmd[0]))
args = [self.m.docker.mount_src(), 'catchsegv', app] + [
self._map_host_path_to_docker(x) or x for x in cmd[1:]]'symbolized %s in Docker' % name, image_hash,
self.m.path['start_dir'], self.m.vars.swarming_out_dir,