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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
import default
import ssh
"""Chromebook flavor, used for running code on Chromebooks."""
class ChromebookFlavor(ssh.SSHFlavor):
def __init__(self, m, app_name):
super(ChromebookFlavor, self).__init__(m, app_name)
self.chromeos_homedir = '/home/chronos/user/'
self.device_dirs = default.DeviceDirs(
bin_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'bin',
dm_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'dm_out',
perf_data_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'perf',
resource_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'resources',
images_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'images',
lotties_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'lotties',
skp_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'skps',
svg_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'svgs',
mskp_dir = self.chromeos_homedir + 'mskp',
tmp_dir = self.chromeos_homedir,
texttraces_dir = '')
def install(self):
super(ChromebookFlavor, self).install()
# Ensure the home dir is marked executable
self.ssh('remount %s as exec' % self.chromeos_homedir,
'sudo', 'mount', '-i', '-o', 'remount,exec', '/home/chronos')
def _copy_dir(self, src, dest):
# We can't use rsync to communicate with the chromebooks because the
# chromebooks don't have rsync installed on them.
self.m.python.inline(str('scp -r %s %s' % (src, dest)),
import subprocess
import sys
src = sys.argv[1] + '/*'
dest = sys.argv[2]
print subprocess.check_output('scp -r %s %s' % (src, dest), shell=True)
""", args=[src, dest], infra_step=True)
def copy_directory_contents_to_device(self, host_path, device_path):
self._copy_dir(host_path, self.scp_device_path(device_path))
def copy_directory_contents_to_host(self, device_path, host_path):
self._copy_dir(self.scp_device_path(device_path), host_path)