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// Copyright 2020 Google LLC.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "tools/fiddle/examples.h"
REG_FIDDLE(unexpected_setAlphaType, 256, 256, true, 0) {
static const char* alphatype_name(SkAlphaType at) {
switch (at) {
case kUnknown_SkAlphaType: return "Unknown";
case kOpaque_SkAlphaType: return "Opaque";
case kPremul_SkAlphaType: return "Premul";
case kUnpremul_SkAlphaType: return "Unpremul";
return "unexpected alphatype";
static const char* colortype_name(SkColorType ct) {
switch (ct) {
case kUnknown_SkColorType: return "Unknown";
case kAlpha_8_SkColorType: return "Alpha_8";
case kA16_unorm_SkColorType: return "Alpha_16";
case kA16_float_SkColorType: return "A16_float";
case kRGB_565_SkColorType: return "RGB_565";
case kARGB_4444_SkColorType: return "ARGB_4444";
case kRGBA_8888_SkColorType: return "RGBA_8888";
case kRGB_888x_SkColorType: return "RGB_888x";
case kBGRA_8888_SkColorType: return "BGRA_8888";
case kRGBA_1010102_SkColorType: return "RGBA_1010102";
case kRGB_101010x_SkColorType: return "RGB_101010x";
case kBGRA_1010102_SkColorType: return "BGRA_1010102";
case kBGR_101010x_SkColorType: return "BGR_101010x";
case kGray_8_SkColorType: return "Gray_8";
case kRGBA_F16Norm_SkColorType: return "RGBA_F16Norm";
case kRGBA_F16_SkColorType: return "RGBA_F16";
case kRGBA_F32_SkColorType: return "RGBA_F32";
case kR8G8_unorm_SkColorType: return "R8G8_unorm";
case kR16G16_unorm_SkColorType: return "R16G16_unorm";
case kR16G16_float_SkColorType: return "R16G16_float";
case kR16G16B16A16_unorm_SkColorType: return "R16G16B16A16_unorm";
return "unexpected colortype";
void draw(SkCanvas* canvas) {
static const SkAlphaType kAlphaTypes[] =
{kUnknown_SkAlphaType, kOpaque_SkAlphaType, kPremul_SkAlphaType, kUnpremul_SkAlphaType};
static const SkColorType kColorTypes[] =
{kUnknown_SkColorType, kAlpha_8_SkColorType, kRGB_565_SkColorType,
kARGB_4444_SkColorType, kRGBA_8888_SkColorType, kRGB_888x_SkColorType,
kBGRA_8888_SkColorType, kRGBA_1010102_SkColorType, kRGB_101010x_SkColorType,
kGray_8_SkColorType, kRGBA_F16_SkColorType};
SkBitmap bitmap;
SkDebugf("%16s Canonical Unknown Opaque Premul "
"Unpremul\n", " ");
for (SkColorType colorType : kColorTypes) {
for (SkAlphaType canonicalAlphaType : kAlphaTypes) {
SkColorTypeValidateAlphaType(colorType, kUnknown_SkAlphaType, &canonicalAlphaType);
SkDebugf("%15s %10s ", colortype_name(colorType), alphatype_name(canonicalAlphaType));
for (SkAlphaType alphaType : kAlphaTypes) {
bitmap.setInfo(SkImageInfo::Make(4, 4, colorType, canonicalAlphaType));
bool result = bitmap.setAlphaType(alphaType);
SkDebugf("%s %s ", result ? "true " : "false",