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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/sksl/SkSLOutputStream.h"
#include "src/sksl/ir/SkSLProgram.h"
namespace SkSL {
* Abstract superclass of all code generators, which take a Program as input and produce code as
* output.
class CodeGenerator {
CodeGenerator(const Context* context, const Program* program, OutputStream* out)
: fContext(*context)
, fProgram(*program)
, fOut(out) {}
virtual ~CodeGenerator() {}
virtual bool generateCode() = 0;
// Intended for use by AutoOutputStream.
OutputStream* outputStream() { return fOut; }
void setOutputStream(OutputStream* output) { fOut = output; }
static constexpr float kSharpenTexturesBias = -.5f;
// For SkMipmapMode::kLinear we want a bias such that when the unbiased LOD value is
// midway between levels we select just the larger level, i.e. a bias of -.5. However, using
// this bias with kNearest mode with a draw that is a perfect power of two downscale puts us
// right on the rounding edge where it could go up or down depending on the particular GPU.
// Experimentally we found that at -.49 most iOS devices (iPhone 7, 8, and iPad Pro
// [PowerVRGT7800 version]) all round to the level twice as big as the device space footprint
// for some such draws in our unit tests on GLES. However, the iPhone 11 still fails and so
// we are using -.475. They do not at -.48. All other GPUs passed tests with -.499. Though, at
// this time the bias is not implemented in the MSL codegen and so iOS/Metal was not tested.
static constexpr float kSharpenTexturesBias = -.475f;
const Context& fContext;
const Program& fProgram;
OutputStream* fOut;
class AutoOutputStream {
// Maintains the current indentation level while writing to the new output stream.
AutoOutputStream(CodeGenerator* codeGen, OutputStream* newOutput)
: fCodeGen(codeGen)
, fOldOutput(codeGen->outputStream()) {
// Resets the indentation when entering the scope, and restores it when leaving.
AutoOutputStream(CodeGenerator* codeGen, OutputStream* newOutput, int *indentationPtr)
: fCodeGen(codeGen)
, fOldOutput(codeGen->outputStream())
, fIndentationPtr(indentationPtr)
, fOldIndentation(indentationPtr ? *indentationPtr : 0) {
*fIndentationPtr = 0;
~AutoOutputStream() {
if (fIndentationPtr) {
*fIndentationPtr = fOldIndentation;
CodeGenerator* fCodeGen = nullptr;
OutputStream* fOldOutput = nullptr;
int *fIndentationPtr = nullptr;
int fOldIndentation = 0;
} // namespace SkSL