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* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrDDLTask_DEFINED
#define GrDDLTask_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkPoint.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrRenderTask.h"
class GrRenderTargetProxy;
* This render task isolates the DDL's tasks from the rest of the DAG. This means that
* the DDL's tasks cannot be reordered by the topological sort and are always executed
* as a single block.
* It almost entirely just forwards calls down to the DDL's render tasks.
class GrDDLTask final : public GrRenderTask {
sk_sp<GrRenderTargetProxy> ddlTarget,
sk_sp<const SkDeferredDisplayList>,
SkIPoint offset);
~GrDDLTask() override;
// The render tasks w/in the DDL don't appear in the DAG so need explicit notification
// when they can free their contents.
bool requiresExplicitCleanup() const override { return true; }
void endFlush(GrDrawingManager*) override;
void disown(GrDrawingManager*) override;
bool onIsUsed(GrSurfaceProxy*) const override;
void gatherProxyIntervals(GrResourceAllocator*) const override;
ExpectedOutcome onMakeClosed(const GrCaps&, SkIRect* targetUpdateBounds) override;
void gatherIDs(SkSTArray<8, uint32_t, true>* idArray) const override;
void onPrePrepare(GrRecordingContext*) override {
// This entry point is only called when a DDL is snapped off of a recorder.
// Since DDL tasks should never recursively appear within a DDL this should never
// be called.
void onPrepare(GrOpFlushState*) override;
bool onExecute(GrOpFlushState*) override;
void dump(const SkString& label,
SkString indent,
bool printDependencies,
bool close) const final;
const char* name() const final { return "DDL"; }
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void visitProxies_debugOnly(const GrOp::VisitProxyFunc& fn) const override {}
sk_sp<const SkDeferredDisplayList> fDDL;
sk_sp<GrRenderTargetProxy> fDDLTarget;
SkIPoint fOffset;
typedef GrRenderTask INHERITED;