Roll Dawn from 8f8193a59b53 to 98844beffb30 (17 revisions)

Includes a manual update of wgsl test files by running:

bazel run //tools/skslc:compile_wgsl_tests

2024-04-03 Roll ANGLE from 2de6ed73d27e to ff03a7b193da (8 revisions)
2024-04-03 d3d11: Emulate upload buffers using system memory
2024-04-03 Manual roll Depot Tools from e545830db2fb to 1a9ea5caf5d7 (7 revisions)
2024-04-03 Roll vulkan-deps from 3b1638b6e598 to 432730a5288e (1 revision)
2024-04-03 Fix dangling pointer in CreatePipelineAsync
2024-04-03 Add/modify more worker expectations
2024-04-02 Roll SwiftShader from ff61926fcedb to 62c59c41e194 (1 revision)
2024-04-02 Fix BGRA8Unorm storage texture validation
2024-04-02 Roll ANGLE from 4d317b52ebcf to 2de6ed73d27e (4 revisions)
2024-04-02 Add missing switch entries.
2024-04-02 [tint][wgsl] Polish struct address space diagnostic messages
2024-04-02 [tint] Add var tests for nested structs
2024-04-02 Roll Depot Tools from 2d6b598b7af1 to e545830db2fb (7 revisions)
2024-04-02 Replace DAWN_UNUSED with [[maybe_unused]]
2024-04-02 Roll vulkan-deps from 319732cc90e4 to 3b1638b6e598 (3 revisions)
2024-04-02 Handle dedicated, service, and shared workers
2024-04-02 Various cleanups to CMake files.

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