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* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/gpu/d3d/GrD3DRootSignature.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrSPIRVUniformHandler.h"
#include "src/gpu/d3d/GrD3DGpu.h"
sk_sp<GrD3DRootSignature> GrD3DRootSignature::Make(GrD3DGpu* gpu, int numTextureSamplers) {
// Just allocate enough space for 3 in case we need it.
D3D12_ROOT_PARAMETER parameters[3];
// The first will always be our uniforms
parameters[0].ParameterType = D3D12_ROOT_PARAMETER_TYPE_CBV;
parameters[0].Descriptor.ShaderRegister = 0;
parameters[0].Descriptor.RegisterSpace = GrSPIRVUniformHandler::kUniformDescriptorSet;
parameters[0].ShaderVisibility = D3D12_SHADER_VISIBILITY_ALL;
SkAutoTArray<D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE> samplerRanges(numTextureSamplers);
SkAutoTArray<D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE> textureRanges(numTextureSamplers);
if (numTextureSamplers) {
// Now handle the textures and samplers. We need a range for each sampler because of the
// interaction between how we set bindings and spirv-cross. Each binding value is used for
// the register value in the HLSL shader. So setting a binding of i for a texture will give
// it register t[i] in HLSL. We set the bindings of textures and samplers in pairs with the
// sampler at i and the corresponding texture at i+1. Thus no textures or samplers will have
// a contiguous range of HLSL registers so we must define a different range for each.
for (int i = 0; i < numTextureSamplers; ++i) {
samplerRanges[i].RangeType = D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE_TYPE_SAMPLER;
samplerRanges[i].NumDescriptors = 1;
samplerRanges[i].BaseShaderRegister = 2 * i;
// Spirv-Cross uses the descriptor set as the space in HSLS
samplerRanges[i].RegisterSpace = GrSPIRVUniformHandler::kSamplerTextureDescriptorSet;
// In the descriptor table the descriptors will all be contiguous.
samplerRanges[i].OffsetInDescriptorsFromTableStart =
textureRanges[i].RangeType = D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_RANGE_TYPE_SRV;
textureRanges[i].NumDescriptors = 1;
textureRanges[i].BaseShaderRegister = 2 * i + 1;
// Spirv-Cross uses the descriptor set as the space in HSLS
textureRanges[i].RegisterSpace = GrSPIRVUniformHandler::kSamplerTextureDescriptorSet;
// In the descriptor table the descriptors will all be contiguous.
textureRanges[i].OffsetInDescriptorsFromTableStart =
parameters[1].ParameterType = D3D12_ROOT_PARAMETER_TYPE_DESCRIPTOR_TABLE;
parameters[1].DescriptorTable.NumDescriptorRanges = numTextureSamplers;
parameters[1].DescriptorTable.pDescriptorRanges = samplerRanges.get();
parameters[1].ShaderVisibility = D3D12_SHADER_VISIBILITY_ALL;
parameters[2].ParameterType = D3D12_ROOT_PARAMETER_TYPE_DESCRIPTOR_TABLE;
parameters[2].DescriptorTable.NumDescriptorRanges = numTextureSamplers;
parameters[2].DescriptorTable.pDescriptorRanges = textureRanges.get();
parameters[2].ShaderVisibility = D3D12_SHADER_VISIBILITY_ALL;
// We always assume we at least have a parameter slot for uniforms. If we need textures, then we
// need a descriptor table for the textures and another for the samplers.
rootDesc.NumParameters = numTextureSamplers ? 3 : 1;
rootDesc.pParameters = parameters;
rootDesc.NumStaticSamplers = 0;
rootDesc.pStaticSamplers = nullptr;
gr_cp<ID3DBlob> rootSigBinary;
gr_cp<ID3DBlob> error;
// TODO: D3D Static Function
HRESULT hr = D3D12SerializeRootSignature(&rootDesc, D3D_ROOT_SIGNATURE_VERSION_1_0,
&rootSigBinary, &error);
if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
SkDebugf("Failed to serialize root signature. Error: %s\n",
return nullptr;
gr_cp<ID3D12RootSignature> rootSig;
hr = gpu->device()->CreateRootSignature(0, rootSigBinary->GetBufferPointer(),
rootSigBinary->GetBufferSize(), IID_PPV_ARGS(&rootSig));
if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
SkDebugf("Failed to create root signature.\n");
return nullptr;
return sk_sp<GrD3DRootSignature>(new GrD3DRootSignature(std::move(rootSig),
GrD3DRootSignature::GrD3DRootSignature(gr_cp<ID3D12RootSignature> rootSig, int numTextureSamplers)
: fRootSignature(std::move(rootSig))
, fNumTextureSamplers(numTextureSamplers) {
bool GrD3DRootSignature::isCompatible(int numTextureSamplers) const {
return fNumTextureSamplers == numTextureSamplers;