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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkImage_Lazy_DEFINED
#define SkImage_Lazy_DEFINED
#include "SkImage_Base.h"
#include "SkMutex.h"
#include "GrTextureMaker.h"
class SharedGenerator;
class SkImage_Lazy : public SkImage_Base {
struct Validator {
Validator(sk_sp<SharedGenerator>, const SkIRect* subset, const SkColorType* colorType,
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> colorSpace);
operator bool() const { return fSharedGenerator.get(); }
sk_sp<SharedGenerator> fSharedGenerator;
SkImageInfo fInfo;
SkIPoint fOrigin;
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> fColorSpace;
uint32_t fUniqueID;
SkImage_Lazy(Validator* validator);
~SkImage_Lazy() override;
SkIRect onGetSubset() const override {
return SkIRect::MakeXYWH(fOrigin.fX, fOrigin.fY, this->width(), this->height());
bool onReadPixels(const SkImageInfo&, void*, size_t, int srcX, int srcY,
CachingHint) const override;
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> asTextureProxyRef(GrRecordingContext*,
const GrSamplerState&,
SkScalar scaleAdjust[2]) const override;
sk_sp<SkCachedData> getPlanes(SkYUVASizeInfo*, SkYUVAIndex[4],
SkYUVColorSpace*, const void* planes[4]) override;
sk_sp<SkData> onRefEncoded() const override;
sk_sp<SkImage> onMakeSubset(GrRecordingContext*, const SkIRect&) const override;
bool getROPixels(SkBitmap*, CachingHint) const override;
bool onIsLazyGenerated() const override { return true; }
sk_sp<SkImage> onMakeColorTypeAndColorSpace(GrRecordingContext*,
SkColorType, sk_sp<SkColorSpace>) const override;
bool onIsValid(GrContext*) const override;
// Returns the texture proxy. If we're going to generate and cache the texture, we should use
// the passed in key (if the key is valid). If genType is AllowedTexGenType::kCheap and the
// texture is not trivial to construct, returns nullptr.
sk_sp<GrTextureProxy> lockTextureProxy(GrRecordingContext*,
const GrUniqueKey& key,
bool willBeMipped,
GrTextureMaker::AllowedTexGenType genType) const;
void makeCacheKeyFromOrigKey(const GrUniqueKey& origKey, GrUniqueKey* cacheKey) const;
class ScopedGenerator;
// Note that this->imageInfo() is not necessarily the info from the generator. It may be
// cropped by onMakeSubset and its color type/space may be changed by
// onMakeColorTypeAndColorSpace.
sk_sp<SharedGenerator> fSharedGenerator;
const SkIPoint fOrigin;
uint32_t fUniqueID;
// Repeated calls to onMakeColorTypeAndColorSpace will result in a proliferation of unique IDs
// and SkImage_Lazy instances. Cache the result of the last successful call.
mutable SkMutex fOnMakeColorTypeAndSpaceMutex;
mutable sk_sp<SkImage> fOnMakeColorTypeAndSpaceResult;
// When the SkImage_Lazy goes away, we will iterate over all the unique keys we've used and
// send messages to the GrContexts to say the unique keys are no longer valid. The GrContexts
// can then release the resources, conntected with the those unique keys, from their caches.
mutable SkTDArray<GrUniqueKeyInvalidatedMessage*> fUniqueKeyInvalidatedMessages;
typedef SkImage_Base INHERITED;