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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkUtils_DEFINED
#define SkUtils_DEFINED
#include "SkOpts.h"
#include "SkTypeface.h"
#include "../utils/SkUTF.h"
/** Similar to memset(), but it assigns a 16, 32, or 64-bit value into the buffer.
@param buffer The memory to have value copied into it
@param value The value to be copied into buffer
@param count The number of times value should be copied into the buffer.
static inline void sk_memset16(uint16_t buffer[], uint16_t value, int count) {
SkOpts::memset16(buffer, value, count);
static inline void sk_memset32(uint32_t buffer[], uint32_t value, int count) {
SkOpts::memset32(buffer, value, count);
static inline void sk_memset64(uint64_t buffer[], uint64_t value, int count) {
SkOpts::memset64(buffer, value, count);
// Unlike the functions in SkUTF.h, these two functions do not take an array
// length parameter. When possible, use SkUTF::NextUTF{8,16} instead.
SkUnichar SkUTF8_NextUnichar(const char**);
SkUnichar SkUTF16_NextUnichar(const uint16_t**);
static inline bool SkUTF16_IsLeadingSurrogate(uint16_t c) { return ((c) & 0xFC00) == 0xD800; }
static inline bool SkUTF16_IsTrailingSurrogate (uint16_t c) { return ((c) & 0xFC00) == 0xDC00; }
static inline int SkUTFN_CountUnichars(SkTypeface::Encoding enc, const void* utfN, size_t bytes) {
switch (enc) {
case SkTypeface::kUTF8_Encoding: return SkUTF::CountUTF8((const char*)utfN, bytes);
case SkTypeface::kUTF16_Encoding: return SkUTF::CountUTF16((const uint16_t*)utfN, bytes);
case SkTypeface::kUTF32_Encoding: return SkUTF::CountUTF32((const int32_t*)utfN, bytes);
default: SkDEBUGFAIL("unknown text encoding"); return -1;
static inline SkUnichar SkUTFN_Next(SkTypeface::Encoding enc,
const void** ptr, const void* stop) {
switch (enc) {
case SkTypeface::kUTF8_Encoding:
return SkUTF::NextUTF8((const char**)ptr, (const char*)stop);
case SkTypeface::kUTF16_Encoding:
return SkUTF::NextUTF16((const uint16_t**)ptr, (const uint16_t*)stop);
case SkTypeface::kUTF32_Encoding:
return SkUTF::NextUTF32((const int32_t**)ptr, (const int32_t*)stop);
default: SkDEBUGFAIL("unknown text encoding"); return -1;
namespace SkHexadecimalDigits {
extern const char gUpper[16]; // 0-9A-F
extern const char gLower[16]; // 0-9a-f