[bazel] Move skiatest::TestType from //tests/Test.h to a new //test/TestType.h file.

The follow-up CL (https://skia-review.googlesource.com/c/skia/+/811033) adds Ganesh/Vulkan support to SurfaceManager. In doing so, I ran into a compilation issue do a missing header file in //tools/gpu:utils.

Upon inspection, I saw that //tools/gpu/vk/VkTestHelper.cpp includes //tests/Test.h because it needs the skiatest::TestType enum class.

Rather than importing all of //tests/Test.h, I figured it would be cleaner (and probably simpler from the perspective of Bazel deps) to break out skiatest::TestType into its own header file, and include that instead.

For context, the //tests/Test.h import was added to //tools/gpu/vk/VkTestHelper.cpp 3 months ago in this CL: https://skia-review.googlesource.com/c/skia/+/776896. I added the CL's author to CC for their information.

Bug: b/40045301
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