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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef bmhParser_DEFINED
#define bmhParser_DEFINED
#include "SkCommandLineFlags.h"
#include "definition.h"
#include "parserCommon.h"
class BmhParser : public ParserCommon {
enum class MarkLookup {
enum class ExampleOptions {
enum class Exemplary {
enum class TableState {
enum class HasTag {
enum class TrimExtract {
BmhParser(bool skip) : ParserCommon()
, fMaps {
{ &fClassMap, MarkType::kClass }
, { &fConstMap, MarkType::kConst }
, { &fDefineMap, MarkType::kDefine }
, { &fEnumMap, MarkType::kEnum }
, { &fClassMap, MarkType::kEnumClass }
, { &fMethodMap, MarkType::kMethod }
, { &fClassMap, MarkType::kStruct }
, { &fClassMap, MarkType::kTemplate }
, { &fTypedefMap, MarkType::kTypedef }
, fSkip(skip) {
~BmhParser() override {}
bool addDefinition(const char* defStart, bool hasEnd, MarkType markType,
const vector<string>& typeNameBuilder, HasTag hasTag);
bool checkEndMarker(MarkType markType, string name) const;
bool checkExamples() const;
const char* checkForFullTerminal(const char* end, const Definition* ) const;
bool checkParamReturn(const Definition* definition) const;
bool dumpExamples(FILE* fiddleOut, Definition& def, bool* continuation) const;
bool dumpExamples(const char* fiddleJsonFileName) const;
bool checkExampleHashes() const;
bool childOf(MarkType markType) const;
string className(MarkType markType);
bool collectExternals();
int endHashCount() const;
bool endTableColumn(const char* end, const char* terminator);
bool exampleToScript(Definition*, ExampleOptions, string* result ) const;
string extractText(const Definition* , TrimExtract ) const;
RootDefinition* findBmhObject(MarkType markType, string typeName);
bool findDefinitions();
Definition* findExample(string name) const;
MarkType getMarkType(MarkLookup lookup) const;
bool hasEndToken() const;
static bool IsExemplary(const Definition* );
string loweredTopic(string name, Definition* def);
string memberName();
string methodName();
const Definition* parentSpace() const;
bool parseFromFile(const char* path) override {
if (!INHERITED::parseSetup(path)) {
return false;
fCheckMethods = !strstr(path, "undocumented.bmh");
return findDefinitions();
void parseHashAnchor(Definition* );
void parseHashFormula(Definition* );
void parseHashLine(Definition* );
bool popParentStack(Definition* );
void reportDuplicates(const Definition& , string dup) const;
void resetExampleHashes();
void reset() override {
fRoot = nullptr;
fWorkingColumn = nullptr;
fRow = nullptr;
fTableState = TableState::kNone;
fMC = '#';
fInChar = false;
fInCharCommentString = false;
fInComment = false;
fInEnum = false;
fInString = false;
fCheckMethods = false;
void setUpGlobalSubstitutes();
void setUpPartialSubstitute(string name);
void setUpSubstitute(string name, Definition* def);
void setUpSubstitutes(const Definition* parent, NameMap* );
void setWrapper(Definition* def) const;
bool skipNoName();
bool skipToDefinitionEnd(MarkType markType);
bool skipToString();
void spellCheck(const char* match, SkCommandLineFlags::StringArray report) const;
void spellStatus(const char* match, SkCommandLineFlags::StringArray report) const;
vector<string> topicName();
vector<string> typeName(MarkType markType, bool* expectEnd);
string typedefName() override;
string uniqueName(string base, MarkType markType);
string uniqueRootName(string base, MarkType markType);
void validate() const;
string word(string prefix, string delimiter);
struct MarkProps {
const char* fName;
MarkType fMarkType;
Resolvable fResolve;
Exemplary fExemplary; // worthy of an example
uint64_t fParentMask;
struct DefinitionMap {
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition>* fMap;
MarkType fMarkType;
vector<DefinitionMap> fMaps;
static MarkProps kMarkProps[Last_MarkType + 1];
forward_list<RootDefinition> fTopics;
forward_list<Definition> fMarkup;
forward_list<RootDefinition> fExternals;
vector<string> fInputFiles;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fClassMap;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fConstMap;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fDefineMap;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fEnumMap;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fMethodMap;
unordered_map<string, RootDefinition> fTypedefMap;
unordered_map<string, Definition*> fTopicMap;
unordered_map<string, Definition*> fAliasMap;
unordered_map<string, Definition*> fPhraseMap;
NameMap fGlobalNames;
RootDefinition* fRoot;
Definition* fWorkingColumn;
Definition* fRow;
const char* fColStart;
TableState fTableState;
mutable char fMC; // markup character
bool fAnonymous;
bool fCloned;
bool fInChar;
bool fInCharCommentString;
bool fInEnum;
bool fInComment;
bool fInString;
bool fCheckMethods;
bool fSkip = false;
bool fWroteOut = false;
typedef ParserCommon INHERITED;