Roll jsfiddle-base from db3abc597412 to 0ccdb32ff1ca

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Change-Id: I15956562ec18258d152eef5214778acdd4cc8040
Bot-Commit: skia-autoroll <>
Commit-Queue: skia-autoroll <>
diff --git a/WORKSPACE.bazel b/WORKSPACE.bazel
index b3bc113..5ae9212 100644
--- a/WORKSPACE.bazel
+++ b/WORKSPACE.bazel
@@ -661,7 +661,7 @@
 # Pulls the container.
     name = "jsfiddle-base",
-    digest = "sha256:db3abc59741284ec1a4d253375a74ccce265596c302d3ba29cf4502dbf9f0d76",
+    digest = "sha256:0ccdb32ff1ca8ea3ac25a29f4efaed8d65cf25bb717fed89e0c72b1f752328bd",
     registry = "",
     repository = "skia-public/jsfiddle-base",