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# Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
#!/usr/bin/env python
usage = '''
Write extra flags to outfile for DM based on the bot name:
$ python outfile Test-Ubuntu-GCC-GCE-CPU-AVX2-x86-Debug
Or run self-tests:
$ python test
import inspect
import json
import os
import sys
def lineno():
caller = inspect.stack()[1] # Up one level to our caller.
return inspect.getframeinfo(caller[0]).lineno
cov_start = lineno()+1 # We care about coverage starting just past this def.
def get_args(bot):
args = []
configs = ['565', '8888', 'gpu']
if 'Android' not in bot:
configs.extend(('upright-matrix-8888', 'upright-matrix-gpu'))
args.extend('--matrix 0 1 1 0'.split(' '))
if '-GCE-' in bot:
if 'TegraK1' in bot or 'GTX550Ti' in bot or 'GTX660' in bot or 'GT610' in bot:
if 'Android' in bot:
# The S4 crashes and the NP produces a long error stream when we run with
# MSAA. The Tegra2 and Tegra3 just don't support it.
if ('GalaxyS4' not in bot and
'NexusPlayer' not in bot and
'Tegra3' not in bot and
'iOS' not in bot):
if 'Android' in bot:
# Runs out of memory on Android bots and Daisy. Everyone else seems fine.
if 'Android' not in bot and 'Daisy' not in bot:
# NP is running out of RAM when we run all these modes. skia:3255
if 'NexusPlayer' not in bot:
configs.extend(mode + '-8888' for mode in
['serialize', 'tiles_rt', 'pipe'])
if 'ANGLE' in bot:
if 'GalaxyS' in bot:
args.extend(('--threads', '0'))
blacklist = []
# This image is too large to be a texture for many GPUs.
blacklist.extend('gpu _ _ PANO_20121023_214540.jpg'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('msaa _ _ PANO_20121023_214540.jpg'.split(' '))
# Several of the newest version bmps fail on SkImageDecoder
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8os2v2.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8v4.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8v5.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgb16-565.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgb16-565pal.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgb32-111110.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgb32bf.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgba32.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgba32abf.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode rgb24largepal.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8os2v2-16.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8oversizepal.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal4rletrns.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode pal8rletrns.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode 4bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode 8bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode 24bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image decode 32bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset rgb24largepal.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset pal8os2v2-16.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset pal8oversizepal.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset 4bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset 8bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset 24bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset 32bpp-pixeldata-cropped.bmp'.split(' '))
# New ico files that fail on SkImageDecoder
blacklist.extend('_ image decode Hopstarter-Mac-Folders-Apple.ico'.split(' '))
# Leon doesn't care about this, so why run it?
if 'Win' in bot:
blacklist.extend('_ image decode _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('_ image subset _'.split(' '))
# Certain gm's on win7 gpu and pdf are never finishing and keeping the test
# running forever
if 'Win7' in bot:
blacklist.extend('msaa16 gm _ colorwheelnative'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('pdf gm _ fontmgr_iter_factory'.split(' '))
# Drawing SKPs or images into GPU canvases is a New Thing.
# It seems like we're running out of RAM on some Android bots, so start off
# with a very wide blacklist disabling all these tests on all Android bots.
if 'Android' in bot: # skia:3255
blacklist.extend('gpu skp _ _ msaa skp _ _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('gpu image decode _ msaa image decode _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('gpu image subset _ msaa image subset _'.split(' '))
if 'Valgrind' in bot:
# PDF + .webp -> jumps depending on uninitialized memory. skia:3505
blacklist.extend('pdf _ _ .webp'.split(' '))
# These take 18+ hours to run.
blacklist.extend('pdf gm _ fontmgr_iter'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('pdf _ _ PANO_20121023_214540.jpg'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('pdf skp _ worldjournal'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('pdf skp _ desk_baidu.skp'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('pdf skp _ desk_wikipedia.skp'.split(' '))
if 'iOS' in bot:
blacklist.extend('gpu skp _ _ msaa skp _ _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('gpu image decode _ msaa image decode _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('gpu image subset _ msaa image subset _'.split(' '))
blacklist.extend('msaa16 gm _ tilemodesProcess'.split(' '))
if 'GalaxyS4' in bot:
# This occasionally runs forever. skia:3802
blacklist.extend('tiles_rt-gpu gm _ imagefilterscropped'.split(' '))
if blacklist:
match = []
if 'Valgrind' in bot: # skia:3021
if 'TSAN' in bot: # skia:3562
if 'GalaxyS3' in bot: # skia:1699
# skia:3249: these images flakily don't decode on Android.
if 'Android' in bot:
if 'NexusPlayer' in bot:
if 'iOS' in bot:
if match:
return args
cov_end = lineno() # Don't care about code coverage past here.
def self_test():
import coverage # This way the bots don't need to be installed.
args = {}
cases = [
cov = coverage.coverage()
for case in cases:
args[case] = get_args(case)
this_file = os.path.basename(__file__)
_, _, not_run, _ = cov.analysis(this_file)
filtered = [line for line in not_run if line > cov_start and line < cov_end]
if filtered:
print 'Lines not covered by test cases: ', filtered
golden = this_file.replace('.py', '.json')
with open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), golden), 'w') as f:
json.dump(args, f, indent=2, sort_keys=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) == 2 and sys.argv[1] == 'test':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print usage
with open(sys.argv[1], 'w') as out:
json.dump(get_args(sys.argv[2]), out)