Roll ANGLE from 69c011ef35f1 to 06462adde69b (13 revisions)

2020-06-30 Add a test for copying from one mip to another
2020-06-30 Vulkan: Store transformed SPIR-V in ProgramExecutableVk
2020-06-29 Fix disable_native_parallel_compile workaround condition.
2020-06-29 Refactor frame_capture_utils.h to frame_capture_test_utils.h
2020-06-29 Vulkan: Set new layout based on VkImageUsageFlags
2020-06-29 Vulkan: Implement invalidate for color buffers
2020-06-29 Vulkan: Remove superseded updates when flushing to image
2020-06-29 Vulkan: Skip *functional.attribute_location.bind* tests
2020-06-29 Vulkan: Remove suppression of fixed dEQP tests
2020-06-29 Fix delegate Worker Thread Pool creation
2020-06-29 Roll SwiftShader from eb0a25a189b7 to b3240d0c355a (2 revisions)
2020-06-29 Roll glslang from fbb9dc2cf1af to 27e915ed4f20 (2 revisions)
2020-06-29 Roll SPIRV-Tools from efaae24d0006 to 91c50e3fc993 (2 revisions)

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Bug: chromium:1091259,chromium:1094869
Test: Test: CQ
Change-Id: I4f989c4c029c6e962c345a619d12904a79b2e3be
Reviewed-by: skia-autoroll <>
Commit-Queue: skia-autoroll <>
diff --git a/DEPS b/DEPS
index 7f98538..a465a83 100644
--- a/DEPS
+++ b/DEPS
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 deps = {
   "buildtools"                            : "",
   "common"                                : "",
-  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
+  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
   # Dawn requires jinja2 and markupsafe for the code generator, and glslang and shaderc for SPIRV compilation.
   # When the Dawn revision is updated these should be updated from the Dawn DEPS as well.
   "third_party/externals/dawn"            : "",