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* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_PaintParams_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_PaintParams_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "include/core/SkPaint.h"
class SkColorInfo;
class SkShader;
namespace skgpu::graphite {
class KeyContext;
class PaintParamsKeyBuilder;
class PipelineDataGatherer;
// TBD: If occlusion culling is eliminated as a phase, we can easily move the paint conversion
// back to Device when the command is recorded (similar to SkPaint -> GrPaint), and then
// PaintParams is not required as an intermediate representation.
// NOTE: Only represents the shading state of an SkPaint. Style and complex effects (mask filters,
// image filters, path effects) must be handled higher up. AA is not tracked since everything is
// assumed to be anti-aliased.
class PaintParams {
PaintParams(const SkColor4f& color,
sk_sp<SkBlender> finalBlender,
sk_sp<SkBlender> primitiveBlender,
bool skipColorXform);
explicit PaintParams(const SkPaint&,
sk_sp<SkBlender> primitiveBlender,
bool skipColorXform);
PaintParams(const PaintParams&);
PaintParams& operator=(const PaintParams&);
SkColor4f color() const { return fColor; }
std::optional<SkBlendMode> asFinalBlendMode() const;
SkBlender* finalBlender() const { return fFinalBlender.get(); }
sk_sp<SkBlender> refFinalBlender() const;
SkShader* shader() const { return fShader.get(); }
sk_sp<SkShader> refShader() const;
SkColorFilter* colorFilter() const { return fColorFilter.get(); }
sk_sp<SkColorFilter> refColorFilter() const;
SkBlender* primitiveBlender() const { return fPrimitiveBlender.get(); }
sk_sp<SkBlender> refPrimitiveBlender() const;
bool skipColorXform() const { return fSkipColorXform; }
/** Converts an SkColor4f to the destination color space. */
static SkColor4f Color4fPrepForDst(SkColor4f srgb, const SkColorInfo& dstColorInfo);
void toKey(const KeyContext&,
PipelineDataGatherer*) const;
SkColor4f fColor;
sk_sp<SkBlender> fFinalBlender; // A nullptr here means SrcOver blending
sk_sp<SkShader> fShader;
sk_sp<SkColorFilter> fColorFilter;
// A nullptr fPrimitiveBlender means there's no primitive color blending and it is skipped.
// In the case where there is primitive blending, the primitive color is the source color and
// the dest is the paint's color (or the paint's shader's computed color).
sk_sp<SkBlender> fPrimitiveBlender;
bool fSkipColorXform;
// TODO: Will also store ColorFilter, dither, and any extra shader from an
// active clipShader().
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_PaintParams_DEFINED