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* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_FactoryFunctions_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_FactoryFunctions_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkBlendMode.h"
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "include/core/SkSpan.h"
#include "include/effects/SkRuntimeEffect.h"
namespace skgpu::graphite {
class PrecompileBase;
class PrecompileBlender;
class PrecompileColorFilter;
class PrecompileImageFilter;
class PrecompileMaskFilter;
class PrecompileShader;
// All of these factory functions will be moved elsewhere once the pre-compile API becomes public
// This will move to be beside SkShaders in include/core/SkShader.h
class PrecompileShaders {
//TODO: Add Empty? - see
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> Color();
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> Blend(SkSpan<const sk_sp<PrecompileBlender>> blenders,
SkSpan<const sk_sp<PrecompileShader>> dsts,
SkSpan<const sk_sp<PrecompileShader>> srcs);
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> Blend(SkSpan<SkBlendMode> blendModes,
SkSpan<const sk_sp<PrecompileShader>> dsts,
SkSpan<const sk_sp<PrecompileShader>> srcs);
// TODO: add an SkShaders::Image to match this and SkImageFilters (
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> Image();
// TODO: make SkGradientShader match this convention (
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> LinearGradient();
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> RadialGradient();
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> TwoPointConicalGradient();
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> SweepGradient();
// TODO: hide these? The issue here is that, in the main Skia API, these are only accessed
// via makeWithLocalMatrix and makeWithColorFilter. However, in the combination API, clients
// may want to create a set of these (i.e., pass SkSpans to the factory functions vs
// just single options).
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> LocalMatrix(sk_sp<PrecompileShader> wrapped);
static sk_sp<PrecompileShader> ColorFilter(sk_sp<PrecompileShader>,
PrecompileShaders() = delete;
// Initially this will go next to SkMaskFilter in include/core/SkMaskFilter.h but the
// SkMaskFilter::MakeBlur factory should be split out or removed. This namespace will follow
// where ever that factory goes.
class PrecompileMaskFilters {
// TODO: change SkMaskFilter::MakeBlur to match this and SkImageFilters::Blur (
static sk_sp<PrecompileMaskFilter> Blur();
PrecompileMaskFilters() = delete;
// This will move to be beside SkColorFilters in include/core/SkColorFilter.h
class PrecompileColorFilters {
// This encompasses both variants of SkColorFilters::Blend
static sk_sp<PrecompileColorFilter> Blend();
// This encompasses both variants of SkColorFilters::Matrix
static sk_sp<PrecompileColorFilter> Matrix();
// This encompasses both variants of SkColorFilters::HSLAMatrix
static sk_sp<PrecompileColorFilter> HSLAMatrix();
// TODO: Compose, LinearToSRGBGamma/SRGBToLinearGamma, Lerp, Table(ARGB), Lighting
PrecompileColorFilters() = delete;
// This will move to be beside SkImageFilters in include/effects/SkImageFilters.h
class PrecompileImageFilters {
static sk_sp<PrecompileImageFilter> Blur();
static sk_sp<PrecompileImageFilter> Image();
// TODO: AlphaThreshold, Arithmetic, Blend (2 kinds), ColorFilter, Compose, DisplacementMap,
// DropShadow, DropShadowOnly, Magnifier, MatrixConvolution, MatrixTransform, Merge, Offset,
// Picture, Runtime, Shader, Tile, Dilate, Erode, DistantLitDiffuse, PointLitDiffuse,
// SpotLitDiffuse, DistantLitSpecular, PointLitSpecular, SpotLitSpecular
PrecompileImageFilters() = delete;
// Object that allows passing a SkPrecompileShader, SkPrecompileColorFilter or
// SkPrecompileBlender as a child
// This will moved to be on SkRuntimeEffect
class PrecompileChildPtr {
PrecompileChildPtr() = default;
// Asserts that the SkPrecompileBase is either null, or one of the legal derived types
std::optional<SkRuntimeEffect::ChildType> type() const;
PrecompileShader* shader() const;
PrecompileColorFilter* colorFilter() const;
PrecompileBlender* blender() const;
PrecompileBase* base() const { return fChild.get(); }
sk_sp<PrecompileBase> fChild;
using PrecompileChildOptions = SkSpan<const PrecompileChildPtr>;
// TODO: the precompile RuntimeEffects are handling their child options different from the
// rest of the precompile system!
// These will move to be on SkRuntimeEffect to parallel makeShader, makeColorFilter and
// makeBlender
sk_sp<PrecompileShader> MakePrecompileShader(
sk_sp<SkRuntimeEffect> effect,
SkSpan<const PrecompileChildOptions> childOptions = {});
sk_sp<PrecompileColorFilter> MakePrecompileColorFilter(
sk_sp<SkRuntimeEffect> effect,
SkSpan<const PrecompileChildOptions> childOptions = {});
sk_sp<PrecompileBlender> MakePrecompileBlender(
sk_sp<SkRuntimeEffect> effect,
SkSpan<const PrecompileChildOptions> childOptions = {});
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_graphite_FactoryFunctions_DEFINED