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* Copyright 2021 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/effects/SkImageFilters.h"
#include "modules/svg/include/SkSVGFeImage.h"
#include "modules/svg/include/SkSVGFilterContext.h"
#include "modules/svg/include/SkSVGImage.h"
#include "modules/svg/include/SkSVGRenderContext.h"
#include "modules/svg/include/SkSVGValue.h"
bool SkSVGFeImage::parseAndSetAttribute(const char* n, const char* v) {
return INHERITED::parseAndSetAttribute(n, v) ||
this->setHref(SkSVGAttributeParser::parse<SkSVGIRI>("xlink:href", n, v)) ||
"preserveAspectRatio", n, v));
sk_sp<SkImageFilter> SkSVGFeImage::onMakeImageFilter(const SkSVGRenderContext& ctx,
const SkSVGFilterContext& fctx) const {
// Load image and map viewbox (image bounds) to viewport (filter effects subregion).
const SkRect viewport = this->resolveFilterSubregion(ctx, fctx);
const auto imgInfo =
SkSVGImage::LoadImage(ctx.resourceProvider(), fHref, viewport, fPreserveAspectRatio);
if (!imgInfo.fImage) {
return nullptr;
// Create the image filter mapped according to aspect ratio
const SkRect srcRect = SkRect::Make(imgInfo.fImage->bounds());
const SkRect& dstRect = imgInfo.fDst;
// TODO: image-rendering property
const SkFilterQuality fq = SkFilterQuality::kMedium_SkFilterQuality;
auto imgfilt = SkImageFilters::Image(imgInfo.fImage, srcRect, dstRect, SkSamplingOptions(fq));
// Aspect ratio mapping may end up drawing content outside of the filter effects region,
// so perform an explicit crop.
return SkImageFilters::Merge(&imgfilt, 1, fctx.filterEffectsRegion());