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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# pylint: disable=W0201
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
from recipe_engine import config_types
class CheckoutApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
def default_checkout_root(self):
"""The default location for cached persistent checkouts."""
return self.m.vars.cache_dir.join('work')
def assert_git_is_from_cipd(self):
"""Fail if git is not obtained from CIPD.""", 'Assert that Git is from CIPD', program='''
import subprocess
import sys
which = 'where' if sys.platform == 'win32' else 'which'
git = subprocess.check_output([which, 'git'])
print 'git was found at %s' % git
if 'cipd_bin_packages' not in git:
print >> sys.stderr, 'Git must be obtained through CIPD.'
def git(self, checkout_root):
"""Run the steps to perform a pure-git checkout without DEPS."""
skia_dir = checkout_root.join('skia')
self.m.git.checkout(['repository'], dir_path=skia_dir,['revision'], submodules=False)
if self.m.vars.is_trybot:
self.m.git('fetch', 'origin',['patch_ref'])
self.m.git('checkout', 'FETCH_HEAD')
def bot_update(self, checkout_root, gclient_cache=None,
checkout_chromium=False, checkout_flutter=False,
"""Run the steps to obtain a checkout using bot_update.
checkout_root: Root directory where the code will be synced.
gclient_cache: Optional, directory of the gclient cache.
checkout_chromium: If True, will check out chromium/src.git in addition
to the primary repo.
checkout_flutter: If True, will checkout flutter in addition to the
primary repo.
extra_gclient_env: Map of extra environment variable names to their values
to supply while running gclient.
flutter_android: Indicates that we're checking out flutter for Android.
if not gclient_cache:
gclient_cache = self.m.vars.cache_dir.join('git')
if not extra_gclient_env:
extra_gclient_env = {}
cfg_kwargs = {}
# Use a persistent gclient cache for Swarming.
cfg_kwargs['CACHE_DIR'] = gclient_cache
if checkout_flutter:
# Delete the flutter cache to start from scratch every time.
# See
# Create the checkout path if necessary.
# TODO(borenet): 'makedirs checkout_root'
self.m.file.ensure_directory('makedirs checkout_path', checkout_root)
# Initial cleanup.
gclient_cfg = self.m.gclient.make_config(**cfg_kwargs)
main_repo =['repository']
if checkout_flutter:
main_repo = ''
main_name = self.m.path.basename(main_repo)
if main_name.endswith('.git'):
main_name = main_name[:-len('.git')]
# Special case for flutter because it seems to need a very specific
# directory structure to successfully build.
if checkout_flutter and main_name == 'engine':
main_name = 'src/flutter'
main = = main_name
main.managed = False
main.url = main_repo
main.revision ='revision') or 'origin/main'
m = gclient_cfg.got_revision_mapping
m[main_name] = 'got_revision'
patch_root = main_name
patch_repo = main.url
patch_repo =['patch_repo']
patch_root = patch_repo.split('/')[-1]
if patch_root.endswith('.git'):
patch_root = patch_root[:-4]
if checkout_flutter:
# Skia is a DEP of Flutter; the 'revision' property is a Skia revision,
# and any patch should be applied to Skia, not Flutter.
main.revision = 'origin/master'
main.managed = True
m[main_name] = 'got_flutter_revision'
if flutter_android:
skia_dep_path = 'src/third_party/skia'
gclient_cfg.repo_path_map[''] = (
skia_dep_path, 'HEAD')
gclient_cfg.revisions[skia_dep_path] =['revision']
m[skia_dep_path] = 'got_revision'
patch_root = skia_dep_path
if checkout_chromium:
main.custom_vars['checkout_chromium'] = True
extra_gclient_env['GYP_CHROMIUM_NO_ACTION'] = '0'
# TODO(rmistry): Remove the below block after there is a solution for
entries_file = checkout_root.join('.gclient_entries')
if self.m.path.exists(entries_file) or self._test_data.enabled:
self.m.file.remove('remove %s' % entries_file,
# Run bot_update.
patch_refs = None
patch_ref ='patch_ref')
if patch_ref:
patch_refs = ['%s@%s:%s' % (['patch_repo'],['revision'],
self.m.gclient.c = gclient_cfg
with self.m.context(cwd=checkout_root):
update_step = self.m.bot_update.ensure_checkout(
# The logic in ensure_checkout for this arg is fairly naive, so if
# patch=False, we'll see "... (without patch)" in the step names, even
# for non-trybot runs, which is misleading and confusing. Therefore,
# always specify patch=True.
if checkout_chromium or checkout_flutter:
gclient_env = {'DEPOT_TOOLS_UPDATE': '0'}
if extra_gclient_env:
with self.m.context(cwd=checkout_root, env=gclient_env):