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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPicturePriv_DEFINED
#define SkPicturePriv_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkPicture.h"
class SkReadBuffer;
class SkWriteBuffer;
class SkPicturePriv {
* Recreate a picture that was serialized into a buffer. If the creation requires bitmap
* decoding, the decoder must be set on the SkReadBuffer parameter by calling
* SkReadBuffer::setBitmapDecoder() before calling SkPicture::MakeFromBuffer().
* @param buffer Serialized picture data.
* @return A new SkPicture representing the serialized data, or NULL if the buffer is
* invalid.
static sk_sp<SkPicture> MakeFromBuffer(SkReadBuffer& buffer);
* Serialize to a buffer.
static void Flatten(const sk_sp<const SkPicture> , SkWriteBuffer& buffer);
// Returns NULL if this is not an SkBigPicture.
static const SkBigPicture* AsSkBigPicture(const sk_sp<const SkPicture> picture) {
return picture->asSkBigPicture();
static uint64_t MakeSharedID(uint32_t pictureID) {
uint64_t sharedID = SkSetFourByteTag('p', 'i', 'c', 't');
return (sharedID << 32) | pictureID;
static void AddedToCache(const SkPicture* pic) {
// V35: Store SkRect (rather then width & height) in header
// V36: Remove (obsolete) alphatype from SkColorTable
// V37: Added shadow only option to SkDropShadowImageFilter (last version to record CLEAR)
// V38: Added PictureResolution option to SkPictureImageFilter
// V39: Added FilterLevel option to SkPictureImageFilter
// V40: Remove UniqueID serialization from SkImageFilter.
// V41: Added serialization of SkBitmapSource's filterQuality parameter
// V42: Added a bool to SkPictureShader serialization to indicate did-we-serialize-a-picture?
// V43: Added DRAW_IMAGE and DRAW_IMAGE_RECT opt codes to serialized data
// V44: Move annotations from paint to drawAnnotation
// V45: Add invNormRotation to SkLightingShader.
// V46: Add drawTextRSXform
// V47: Add occluder rect to SkBlurMaskFilter
// V48: Read and write extended SkTextBlobs.
// V49: Gradients serialized as SkColor4f + SkColorSpace
// V50: SkXfermode -> SkBlendMode
// V51: more SkXfermode -> SkBlendMode
// V52: Remove SkTextBlob::fRunCount
// V53: SaveLayerRec clip mask
// V54: ComposeShader can use a Mode or a Lerp
// V55: Drop blendmode[] from MergeImageFilter
// V56: Add TileMode in SkBlurImageFilter.
// V57: Sweep tiling info.
// V58: No more 2pt conical flipping.
// V59: No more LocalSpace option on PictureImageFilter
// V60: Remove flags in picture header
// V61: Change SkDrawPictureRec to take two colors rather than two alphas
// V62: Don't negate size of custom encoded images (don't write origin x,y either)
// V63: Store image bounds (including origin) instead of just width/height to support subsets
// V64: Remove occluder feature from blur maskFilter
// V65: Float4 paint color
// V66: Add saveBehind
// V67: Blobs serialize fonts instead of paints
// V68: Paint doesn't serialize font-related stuff
// V69: Clean up duplicated and redundant SkImageFilter related enums
// V70: Image filters definitions hidden, registered names updated to include "Impl"
// V71: Unify erode and dilate image filters
// V72: SkColorFilter_Matrix domain (rgba vs. hsla)
// V73: Use SkColor4f in per-edge AA quad API
// V74: MorphologyImageFilter internal radius is SkScaler
// V75: SkVertices switched from unsafe use of SkReader32 to SkReadBuffer (like everything else)
// V76: Add filtering enum to ImageShader
// V77: Explicit filtering options on imageshaders
// V78: Serialize skmipmap data for images that have it
// V79: Cubic Resampler option on imageshader
// V80: Smapling options on imageshader
// V81: sampling parameters on drawImage/drawImageRect/etc.
// V82: Add filter param to picture-shader
// V83: SkMatrixImageFilter now takes SkSamplingOptions instead of SkFilterQuality
// V84: SkImageFilters::Image now takes SkSamplingOptions instead of SkFilterQuality
// V85: Remove legacy support for inheriting sampling from the paint.
// V86: Remove support for custom data inside SkVertices
// V87: SkPaint now holds a user-defined blend function (SkBlender), no longer has DrawLooper
// V88: Add blender to ComposeShader and BlendImageFilter
// V89: Deprecated SkClipOps are no longer supported
enum Version {
kPictureShaderFilterParam_Version = 82,
kMatrixImageFilterSampling_Version = 83,
kImageFilterImageSampling_Version = 84,
kNoFilterQualityShaders_Version = 85,
kVerticesRemoveCustomData_Version = 86,
kSkBlenderInSkPaint = 87,
kBlenderInEffects = 88,
kNoExpandingClipOps = 89,
// Only SKPs within the min/current picture version range (inclusive) can be read.
kMin_Version = kPictureShaderFilterParam_Version,
kCurrent_Version = kNoExpandingClipOps