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load("@io_bazel_rules_go//go:def.bzl", "go_binary", "go_library")
load("//bazel:flags.bzl", "string_flag_with_values")
name = "adb_test_runner_lib",
srcs = ["adb_test_runner.go"],
importpath = "",
visibility = ["//visibility:private"],
name = "adb_test_runner",
embed = [":adb_test_runner_lib"],
visibility = ["//visibility:public"],
# This flag controls the platform for which the adb_test_runner Go program gets compiled when
# building an adb_test target. This allows us to build an Android test from an x86_64 Linux machine
# on GCE and switch the adb_test_runner platform to linux_arm64 so it can be executed from a
# Raspberry Pi in a subsequent CI task.
name = "adb_platform",
values = [
# These are shorthand for rules_go platforms, e.g.
# @io_bazel_rules_go//go/toolchain:linux_amd64.
# To make the CPU part more readable, we replace "amd64" with "x86", which makes it more
# visually distinct from "arm64". We map the CPU dimension back to GOARCH style in
# adb_test.bzl.
# We can add more platforms as needed. The source of truth for rules_go platforms is