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* Copyright 2021 Google LLC.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/core/SkSpan.h"
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
namespace SkSL {
class Context;
class Expression;
class IndexExpression;
struct Modifiers;
struct Module;
struct Program;
class ProgramElement;
class ProgramUsage;
class Statement;
class Variable;
enum class ProgramKind : int8_t;
namespace Transform {
* Checks to see if it would be safe to add `const` to the modifiers of a variable. If so, returns
* the modifiers with `const` applied; if not, returns the existing modifiers as-is. Adding `const`
* allows the inliner to fold away more values and generate tighter code.
const Modifiers* AddConstToVarModifiers(const Context& context,
const Variable& var,
const Expression* initialValue,
const ProgramUsage* usage);
* Rewrites indexed swizzles of the form `myVec.zyx[i]` by replacing the swizzle with a lookup into
* a constant vector. e.g., the above expression would be rewritten as `myVec[vec3(2, 1, 0)[i]]`.
* This roughly matches glslang's handling of the code.
std::unique_ptr<Expression> RewriteIndexedSwizzle(const Context& context,
const IndexExpression& swizzle);
* Copies built-in functions from modules into the program. Relies on ProgramUsage to determine
* which functions are necessary.
void FindAndDeclareBuiltinFunctions(Program& program);
* Scans the finished program for built-in variables like `sk_FragColor` and adds them to the
* program's shared elements.
void FindAndDeclareBuiltinVariables(Program& program);
* Eliminates statements in a block which cannot be reached; for example, a statement
* immediately after a `return` or `continue` can safely be eliminated.
void EliminateUnreachableCode(Module& module, ProgramUsage* usage);
void EliminateUnreachableCode(Program& program);
* Eliminates empty statements in a module (Nops, or blocks holding only Nops). Not implemented for
* Programs because Nops are harmless, but they waste space in long-lived module IR.
void EliminateEmptyStatements(Module& module);
* Eliminates functions in a program which are never called. Returns true if any changes were made.
bool EliminateDeadFunctions(const Context& context, Module& module, ProgramUsage* usage);
bool EliminateDeadFunctions(Program& program);
* Eliminates variables in a program which are never read or written (past their initializer).
* Preserves side effects from initializers, if any. Returns true if any changes were made.
bool EliminateDeadLocalVariables(const Context& context,
Module& module,
ProgramUsage* usage);
bool EliminateDeadLocalVariables(Program& program);
bool EliminateDeadGlobalVariables(const Context& context,
Module& module,
ProgramUsage* usage,
bool onlyPrivateGlobals);
bool EliminateDeadGlobalVariables(Program& program);
/** Renames private functions and function-local variables to minimize code size. */
void RenamePrivateSymbols(Context& context, Module& module, ProgramUsage* usage, ProgramKind kind);
/** Replaces constant variables in a program with their equivalent values. */
void ReplaceConstVarsWithLiterals(Module& module, ProgramUsage* usage);
} // namespace Transform
} // namespace SkSL