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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# pylint: disable=W0201
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
class SkiaVarsApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
def make_path(self, *path):
"""Return a Path object for the given path."""
key = 'custom_%s' % '_'.join(path)
self.m.path.c.base_paths[key] = tuple(path)
return self.m.path[key]
def setup(self):
"""Prepare the variables."""
# Setup
self.builder_name =['buildername']
self.slave_dir = self.m.path['start_dir']
# Special input/output directories.
self.build_dir = self.slave_dir.join('build')
self.test_dir = self.slave_dir.join('test')
self.perf_dir = self.slave_dir.join('perf')
self.checkout_root = self.slave_dir
self.default_env = self.m.context.env
self.default_env['CHROME_HEADLESS'] = '1'
self.default_env['PATH'] = self.m.path.pathsep.join([
self.default_env.get('PATH', '%(PATH)s'),
self.gclient_env = {'DEPOT_TOOLS_UPDATE': '0'}
self.is_compile_bot = self.builder_name.startswith('Build-')
self.persistent_checkout = False
# Compile bots keep a persistent checkout.
if self.is_compile_bot and 'NoDEPS' not in self.builder_name:
self.persistent_checkout = True
if 'Housekeeper' in self.builder_name:
self.persistent_checkout = True
if '-CT_' in self.builder_name:
self.persistent_checkout = True
# We need the source code for the Coverage's Upload step to be in the
# same absolute location as when we compiled it so we can map the
# coverage data to actual line numbers. We ensure this by making sure
# we have a checkout on the Coverage's Upload step and that the Upload
# step runs on the same bots that Compile.
if 'Coverage' in self.builder_name and 'Upload' in self.builder_name:
self.persistent_checkout = True
if self.persistent_checkout:
if 'Win' in self.builder_name:
self.checkout_root = self.make_path('C:\\', 'b', 'work')
self.gclient_cache = self.make_path('C:\\', 'b', 'cache')
self.checkout_root = self.make_path('/', 'b', 'work')
self.gclient_cache = self.make_path('/', 'b', 'cache')
# got_revision is filled in after checkout steps.
self.got_revision = None
# If there's no persistent checkout, then we have to assume we got the
# correct revision of the files from isolate.
self.got_revision =['revision']
# Some bots also require a checkout of PDFium; in this case we use the
# checkout of Skia obtained through DEPS in pdfium/third_party/skia.
self.need_pdfium_checkout = 'PDFium' in self.builder_name
# Some bots also require a checkout of Flutter; in this case we use the
# checkout of Skia obtained through DEPS in src/third_party/skia.
self.need_flutter_checkout = 'Flutter' in self.builder_name
self.skia_dir = self.checkout_root.join('skia')
if self.need_pdfium_checkout:
self.skia_dir = self.checkout_root.join('pdfium', 'third_party', 'skia')
elif self.need_flutter_checkout:
self.checkout_root = self.checkout_root.join('flutter')
self.skia_dir = self.checkout_root.join('src', 'third_party', 'skia')
if not self.persistent_checkout:
self.m.path['checkout'] = self.skia_dir
self.infrabots_dir = self.skia_dir.join('infra', 'bots')
self.resource_dir = self.skia_dir.join('resources')
self.images_dir = self.slave_dir.join('skimage')
self.skia_out = self.skia_dir.join('out', self.builder_name)
self.swarming_out_dir = self.slave_dir.join(['swarm_out_dir'])
if 'ParentRevision' in self.builder_name:
# Tasks that depend on ParentRevision builds usually also depend on a
# second build task. Use a different path for build results so that the
# binaries end up in different directories in the isolate.
self.swarming_out_dir = self.swarming_out_dir.join('ParentRevision')
self.local_skp_dir = self.slave_dir.join('skp')
self.local_svg_dir = self.slave_dir.join('svg')
if not self.is_compile_bot:
self.skia_out = self.build_dir.join('out')
self.tmp_dir = self.m.path['start_dir'].join('tmp')
# Some bots also require a checkout of chromium.
self.need_chromium_checkout = False
if 'CommandBuffer' in self.builder_name:
self.need_chromium_checkout = True
self.gclient_env['GYP_CHROMIUM_NO_ACTION'] = '0'
if 'RecreateSKPs' in self.builder_name:
self.need_chromium_checkout = True
self.gclient_env['CPPFLAGS'] = (
self.builder_cfg = self.m.builder_name_schema.DictForBuilderName(
self.role = self.builder_cfg['role']
if self.role in [self.m.builder_name_schema.BUILDER_ROLE_HOUSEKEEPER,
self.configuration = CONFIG_RELEASE
self.configuration = self.builder_cfg.get('configuration', CONFIG_DEBUG)
arch = (self.builder_cfg.get('arch') or self.builder_cfg.get('target_arch'))
if ('Win' in self.builder_cfg.get('os', '') and arch == 'x86_64'):
self.configuration += '_x64'
self.extra_tokens = []
if len(self.builder_cfg.get('extra_config', '')) > 0:
if self.builder_cfg['extra_config'].startswith('SK'):
assert self.builder_cfg['extra_config'].isupper()
self.extra_tokens = [self.builder_cfg['extra_config']]
self.extra_tokens = self.builder_cfg['extra_config'].split('_')
self.default_env.update({'SKIA_OUT': self.skia_out,
'BUILDTYPE': self.configuration})
self.patch_storage ='patch_storage', 'gerrit')
self.issue = None
self.patchset = None
self.is_trybot = False
if ('patch_issue', '') and'patch_set', '')):
self.is_trybot = True
self.issue =['patch_issue']
self.patchset =['patch_set']
self.dm_dir = self.m.path.join(
self.swarming_out_dir, 'dm')
self.perf_data_dir = self.m.path.join(self.swarming_out_dir,
'perfdata', self.builder_name, 'data')
self.dumps_dir = self.m.path.join(
self.swarming_out_dir, 'dumps')
self._swarming_bot_id = None
self._swarming_task_id = None
# Data should go under in _data_dir, which may be preserved across runs.
self.android_data_dir = '/sdcard/revenge_of_the_skiabot/'
# Executables go under _bin_dir, which, well, allows executable files.
self.android_bin_dir = '/data/local/tmp/'
if self.builder_cfg.get('os', '') == 'Chromecast':
# On the Chromecast, everything goes in the (~110M) /cache/skia
self.android_bin_dir = '/cache/skia/'
self.android_data_dir = '/cache/skia/'
self.chromeos_homedir = '/home/chronos/user/'
# Internal bot support.
self.internal_hardware_label = ('internal_hardware_label'))
self.is_internal_bot = self.internal_hardware_label is not None
def is_linux(self):
return 'Ubuntu' in self.builder_name or 'Debian' in self.builder_name
def upload_dm_results(self):
# TODO(borenet): Move this into the swarm_test recipe.
skip_upload_bots = [
upload_dm_results = True
for s in skip_upload_bots:
if s in['buildername']:
upload_dm_results = False
return upload_dm_results
def upload_perf_results(self):
# TODO(borenet): Move this into the swarm_perf recipe.
if 'Release' not in['buildername']:
return False
skip_upload_bots = [
upload_perf_results = True
for s in skip_upload_bots:
if s in['buildername']:
upload_perf_results = False
return upload_perf_results
def swarming_bot_id(self):
if not self._swarming_bot_id:
self._swarming_bot_id = self.m.python.inline(
name='get swarming bot id',
program='''import os
print os.environ.get('SWARMING_BOT_ID', '')
return self._swarming_bot_id
def swarming_task_id(self):
if not self._swarming_task_id:
self._swarming_task_id = self.m.python.inline(
name='get swarming task id',
program='''import os
print os.environ.get('SWARMING_TASK_ID', '')
return self._swarming_task_id