Roll ANGLE from d4412d0a0124 to 6312da1abf21 (7 revisions)

2022-01-14 Vulkan: Disable GL_KHR_parallel_shader_compile
2022-01-13 Fix collection of systemDeviceId on Mac/M1
2022-01-13 Vulkan: Invalidate depth/stencil unconditionally
2022-01-13 Move pipeline uniforms into the executable.
2022-01-13 Fix test harness config parsing in Compressed Tex tests.
2022-01-13 Metal: Implement EXT_shader_texture_lod
2022-01-13 Roll Chromium from 3668290e6162 to 3fcf884156d8 (108 revisions)

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Change-Id: I9ad77c931214dc7509616f91505bccdbcb333abb
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diff --git a/DEPS b/DEPS
index 82dedec..076137d 100644
--- a/DEPS
+++ b/DEPS
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
 deps = {
   "buildtools"                            : "",
-  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
+  "third_party/externals/angle2"          : "",
   "third_party/externals/brotli"          : "",
   "third_party/externals/d3d12allocator"  : "",
   # Dawn requires jinja2 and markupsafe for the code generator, tint for SPIRV compilation, and abseil for string formatting.