Remove obsolete "FP" unit test for runtime effects

Most of these keywords don't exist at all, or they're tested directly by
other tests (eg, 'in' isn't allowed at all).

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diff --git a/tests/SkRuntimeEffectTest.cpp b/tests/SkRuntimeEffectTest.cpp
index 79b05e7..205520e 100644
--- a/tests/SkRuntimeEffectTest.cpp
+++ b/tests/SkRuntimeEffectTest.cpp
@@ -37,16 +37,6 @@
 #define EMPTY_MAIN "half4 main(float2 p) { return half4(0); }"
-DEF_TEST(SkRuntimeEffectInvalid_FPOnly, r) {
-    // Features that are only allowed in .fp files (key, in uniform, ctype, when).
-    // Ensure that these fail, and the error messages contain the relevant keyword.
-    test_invalid_effect(r, "layout(key) in bool Input;"             EMPTY_MAIN, "key");
-    test_invalid_effect(r, "in uniform float Input;"                EMPTY_MAIN, "in uniform");
-    test_invalid_effect(r, "layout(ctype=SkRect) float4 Input;"     EMPTY_MAIN, "ctype");
-    test_invalid_effect(r, "in bool Flag; "
-                           "layout(when=Flag) uniform float Input;" EMPTY_MAIN, "when");
 DEF_TEST(SkRuntimeEffectInvalid_LimitedUniformTypes, r) {
     // Runtime SkSL supports a limited set of uniform types. No bool, for example:
     test_invalid_effect(r, "uniform bool b;" EMPTY_MAIN, "uniform");