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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GLTestContext_command_buffer_DEFINED
#define GLTestContext_command_buffer_DEFINED
#include "tools/gpu/gl/GLTestContext.h"
namespace sk_gpu_test {
class CommandBufferGLTestContext : public GLTestContext {
~CommandBufferGLTestContext() override;
static CommandBufferGLTestContext *Create(GLTestContext* shareContext) {
CommandBufferGLTestContext* cbShareContext =
CommandBufferGLTestContext *ctx = new CommandBufferGLTestContext(cbShareContext);
if (!ctx->isValid()) {
delete ctx;
return nullptr;
return ctx;
void presentCommandBuffer();
bool makeCurrent();
int getStencilBits();
int getSampleCount();
CommandBufferGLTestContext(CommandBufferGLTestContext* shareContext);
void destroyGLContext();
void onPlatformMakeCurrent() const override;
std::function<void()> onPlatformGetAutoContextRestore() const override;
void onPlatformSwapBuffers() const override;
GrGLFuncPtr onPlatformGetProcAddress(const char *name) const override;
void *fContext;
void *fDisplay;
void *fSurface;
void *fConfig;
} // namespace sk_gpu_test