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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrDataUtils_DEFINED
#define GrDataUtils_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "include/private/GrTypesPriv.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrColorSpaceInfo.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrSwizzle.h"
size_t GrCompressedDataSize(SkImage::CompressionType, int w, int h);
// Compute the size of the buffer required to hold all the mipLevels of the specified type
// of data when all rowBytes are tight.
// Note there may still be padding between the mipLevels to meet alignment requirements.
size_t GrComputeTightCombinedBufferSize(size_t bytesPerPixel, int baseWidth, int baseHeight,
SkTArray<size_t>* individualMipOffsets, int mipLevelCount);
void GrFillInData(GrPixelConfig, int baseWidth, int baseHeight,
const SkTArray<size_t>& individualMipOffsets, char* dest, const SkColor4f& color);
void GrFillInCompressedData(SkImage::CompressionType, int width, int height, char* dest,
const SkColor4f& color);
class GrPixelInfo {
GrPixelInfo() = default;
// not explicit
GrPixelInfo(const SkImageInfo& info)
: fColorInfo(SkColorTypeToGrColorType(info.colorType()), info.alphaType(),
, fWidth(info.width())
, fHeight(info.height()) {}
GrPixelInfo(GrColorType ct, SkAlphaType at, sk_sp<SkColorSpace> cs, int w, int h)
: fColorInfo(ct, at, std::move(cs)), fWidth(w), fHeight(h) {}
GrPixelInfo(const GrPixelInfo&) = default;
GrPixelInfo(GrPixelInfo&&) = default;
GrPixelInfo& operator=(const GrPixelInfo&) = default;
GrPixelInfo& operator=(GrPixelInfo&&) = default;
GrPixelInfo makeColorType(GrColorType ct) {
return {ct, this->alphaType(), this->refColorSpace(), this->width(), this->height()};
GrPixelInfo makeAlphaType(SkAlphaType at) {
return {this->colorType(), at, this->refColorSpace(), this->width(), this->height()};
GrPixelInfo makeWH(int width, int height) {
return {this->colorType(), this->alphaType(), this->refColorSpace(), width, height};
GrColorType colorType() const { return fColorInfo.colorType(); }
SkAlphaType alphaType() const { return fColorInfo.alphaType(); }
SkColorSpace* colorSpace() const { return fColorInfo.colorSpace(); }
sk_sp<SkColorSpace> refColorSpace() const { return fColorInfo.refColorSpace(); }
int width() const { return fWidth; }
int height() const { return fHeight; }
size_t bpp() const { return GrColorTypeBytesPerPixel(this->colorType()); }
size_t minRowBytes() const { return this->bpp() * this->width(); }
* Place this pixel rect in a surface of dimensions surfaceWidth x surfaceHeight size offset at
* surfacePt and then clip the pixel rectangle to the bounds of the surface. If the pixel rect
* does not intersect the rectangle or is empty then return false. If clipped, the input
* surfacePt, the width/height of this GrPixelInfo, and the data pointer will be modified to
* reflect the clipped rectangle.
template <typename T>
bool clip(int surfaceWidth, int surfaceHeight, SkIPoint* surfacePt, T** data, size_t rowBytes) {
auto bounds = SkIRect::MakeWH(surfaceWidth, surfaceHeight);
auto rect = SkIRect::MakeXYWH(surfacePt->fX, surfacePt->fY, fWidth, fHeight);
if (!rect.intersect(bounds)) {
return false;
*data = SkTAddOffset<T>(*data, (rect.fTop - surfacePt->fY) * rowBytes +
(rect.fLeft - surfacePt->fX) * this->bpp());
surfacePt->fX = rect.fLeft;
surfacePt->fY = rect.fTop;
fWidth = rect.width();
fHeight = rect.height();
return true;
bool isValid() const { return fColorInfo.isValid() && fWidth > 0 && fHeight > 0; }
GrColorSpaceInfo fColorInfo = {};
int fWidth = 0;
int fHeight = 0;
// Swizzle param is applied after loading and before converting from srcInfo to dstInfo.
bool GrConvertPixels(const GrPixelInfo& dstInfo, void* dst, size_t dstRB,
const GrPixelInfo& srcInfo, const void* src, size_t srcRB,
bool flipY = false);