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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef AtlasTextOp_DEFINED
#define AtlasTextOp_DEFINED
#include "src/gpu/effects/GrDistanceFieldGeoProc.h"
#include "src/gpu/ops/GrMeshDrawOp.h"
#include "src/gpu/text/GrTextBlob.h"
class GrRecordingContext;
namespace skgpu::v1 {
class AtlasTextOp final : public GrMeshDrawOp {
~AtlasTextOp() override {
for (const Geometry* g = fHead; g != nullptr;) {
const Geometry* next = g->fNext;
g = next;
void* operator new(size_t s);
void operator delete(void* b) noexcept;
static void ClearCache();
static const int kVerticesPerGlyph = GrAtlasSubRun::kVerticesPerGlyph;
static const int kIndicesPerGlyph = 6;
struct Geometry {
Geometry(const GrAtlasSubRun& subRun,
const SkMatrix& drawMatrix,
SkPoint drawOrigin,
SkIRect clipRect,
sk_sp<SkRefCnt> supportData,
GrAtlasSubRunOwner subRunOwner,
const SkPMColor4f& color)
: fSubRun{subRun}
, fSupportDataKeepAlive{std::move(supportData)}
, fSubRunDtor{std::move(subRunOwner)}
, fDrawMatrix{drawMatrix}
, fDrawOrigin{drawOrigin}
, fClipRect{clipRect}
, fColor{color} {
SkASSERT(fSupportDataKeepAlive != nullptr || fSubRunDtor != nullptr);
SkASSERT(SkToBool(fSubRunDtor) != SkToBool(fSupportDataKeepAlive));
static Geometry* MakeForBlob(const GrAtlasSubRun& subRun,
const SkMatrix& drawMatrix,
SkPoint drawOrigin,
SkIRect clipRect,
sk_sp<SkRefCnt> supportData,
const SkPMColor4f& color,
SkArenaAlloc* alloc);
void fillVertexData(void* dst, int offset, int count) const;
const GrAtlasSubRun& fSubRun;
// Either this Geometry holds a ref to the support data in the case of a blob based
// SubRun (WithCaching case), or it holds a unique_ptr to a SubRun allocated on the
// GrTextBlobAllocator in the NoCache case. It must hold one, and can't hold both.
sk_sp<SkRefCnt> fSupportDataKeepAlive;
GrAtlasSubRunOwner fSubRunDtor;
const SkMatrix fDrawMatrix;
const SkPoint fDrawOrigin;
// fClipRect is only used in the DirectMaskSubRun case to do geometric clipping.
// TransformedMaskSubRun, and SDFTSubRun don't use this field, and expect an empty rect.
const SkIRect fClipRect;
// Color is updated after processor analysis if it was determined the shader resolves to
// a constant color that we then evaluate on the CPU.
// TODO: This can be made const once processor analysis is separated from op creation.
SkPMColor4f fColor;
Geometry* fNext{nullptr};
const char* name() const override { return "AtlasTextOp"; }
void visitProxies(const GrVisitProxyFunc&) const override;
FixedFunctionFlags fixedFunctionFlags() const override;
GrProcessorSet::Analysis finalize(const GrCaps&, const GrAppliedClip*, GrClampType) override;
enum class MaskType : uint32_t {
kLast = kLCDBGRDistanceField
inline static constexpr int kMaskTypeCount = static_cast<int>(MaskType::kLast) + 1;
static GrOp::Owner CreateOpTestingOnly(skgpu::v1::SurfaceDrawContext*,
const SkPaint&,
const SkFont&,
const SkMatrixProvider&,
const char* text,
int x,
int y);
friend class GrOp; // for ctor
struct FlushInfo {
sk_sp<const GrBuffer> fVertexBuffer;
sk_sp<const GrBuffer> fIndexBuffer;
GrGeometryProcessor* fGeometryProcessor;
const GrSurfaceProxy** fPrimProcProxies;
int fGlyphsToFlush = 0;
int fVertexOffset = 0;
int fNumDraws = 0;
AtlasTextOp(MaskType maskType,
bool needsTransform,
int glyphCount,
SkRect deviceRect,
Geometry* geo,
GrPaint&& paint);
AtlasTextOp(MaskType maskType,
bool needsTransform,
int glyphCount,
SkRect deviceRect,
SkColor luminanceColor,
bool useGammaCorrectDistanceTable,
uint32_t DFGPFlags,
Geometry* geo,
GrPaint&& paint);
GrProgramInfo* programInfo() override {
// TODO [PI]: implement
return nullptr;
void addGeometry(Geometry* geometry) {
*fTail = geometry;
// The geometry may have many entries. Find the end.
do {
fTail = &(*fTail)->fNext;
} while (*fTail != nullptr);
void onCreateProgramInfo(const GrCaps*,
const GrSurfaceProxyView& writeView,
bool usesMSAASurface,
const GrDstProxyView&,
GrXferBarrierFlags renderPassXferBarriers,
GrLoadOp colorLoadOp) override {
// We cannot surface the AtlasTextOp's programInfo at record time. As currently
// implemented, the GP is modified at flush time based on the number of pages in the
// atlas.
void onPrePrepareDraws(GrRecordingContext*,
const GrSurfaceProxyView& writeView,
const GrDstProxyView&,
GrXferBarrierFlags renderPassXferBarriers,
GrLoadOp colorLoadOp) override {
// TODO [PI]: implement
void onPrepareDraws(GrMeshDrawTarget*) override;
void onExecute(GrOpFlushState*, const SkRect& chainBounds) override;
SkString onDumpInfo() const override;
GrMaskFormat maskFormat() const {
switch (this->maskType()) {
case MaskType::kLCDCoverage:
return kA565_GrMaskFormat;
case MaskType::kColorBitmap:
return kARGB_GrMaskFormat;
case MaskType::kGrayscaleCoverage:
case MaskType::kAliasedDistanceField:
case MaskType::kGrayscaleDistanceField:
case MaskType::kLCDDistanceField:
case MaskType::kLCDBGRDistanceField:
return kA8_GrMaskFormat;
return kA8_GrMaskFormat;
bool usesDistanceFields() const {
return MaskType::kAliasedDistanceField == this->maskType() ||
MaskType::kGrayscaleDistanceField == this->maskType() ||
MaskType::kLCDDistanceField == this->maskType() ||
MaskType::kLCDBGRDistanceField == this->maskType();
bool isLCD() const {
return MaskType::kLCDCoverage == this->maskType() ||
MaskType::kLCDDistanceField == this->maskType() ||
MaskType::kLCDBGRDistanceField == this->maskType();
inline void createDrawForGeneratedGlyphs(
GrMeshDrawTarget* target, FlushInfo* flushInfo) const;
MaskType maskType() const { return static_cast<MaskType>(fMaskType); }
CombineResult onCombineIfPossible(GrOp* t, SkArenaAlloc*, const GrCaps& caps) override;
GrGeometryProcessor* setupDfProcessor(SkArenaAlloc*,
const GrShaderCaps&,
const SkMatrix& localMatrix,
const GrSurfaceProxyView* views,
unsigned int numActiveViews) const;
GrProcessorSet fProcessors;
int fNumGlyphs; // Sum of glyphs in each geometry's subrun
// All combinable atlas ops have equal bit field values
uint32_t fDFGPFlags : 9; // Distance field properties
uint32_t fMaskType : 3; // MaskType
uint32_t fUsesLocalCoords : 1; // Filled in post processor analysis
uint32_t fNeedsGlyphTransform : 1;
uint32_t fHasPerspective : 1; // True if perspective affects draw
uint32_t fUseGammaCorrectDistanceTable : 1;
static_assert(kMaskTypeCount <= 8, "MaskType does not fit in 3 bits");
static_assert(kInvalid_DistanceFieldEffectFlag <= (1 << 8), "DFGP Flags do not fit in 9 bits");
// Only used for distance fields; per-channel luminance for LCD, or gamma-corrected luminance
// for single-channel distance fields.
const SkColor fLuminanceColor{0};
Geometry* fHead{nullptr};
Geometry** fTail{&fHead};
using INHERITED = GrMeshDrawOp;
} // namespace skgpu::v1
#endif // AtlasTextOp_DEFINED