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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrContext.h"
#include "GrContextPriv.h"
#include "GrTexturePriv.h"
#include "SkCanvas.h"
#include "SkImage_Base.h"
#include "SkSurface.h"
#include "Test.h"
// Tests that MIP maps are created and invalidated as expected when drawing to and from GrTextures.
DEF_GPUTEST_FOR_NULLGL_CONTEXT(GrTextureMipMapInvalidationTest, reporter, ctxInfo) {
auto isMipped = [] (SkSurface* surf) {
const GrTexture* texture = surf->makeImageSnapshot()->getTexture();
return GrMipMapped::kYes == texture->texturePriv().mipMapped();
auto mipsAreDirty = [] (SkSurface* surf) {
return surf->makeImageSnapshot()->getTexture()->texturePriv().mipMapsAreDirty();
GrContext* context = ctxInfo.grContext();
auto info = SkImageInfo::MakeN32Premul(256, 256);
for (auto allocateMips : {false, true}) {
auto surf1 = SkSurface::MakeRenderTarget(context, SkBudgeted::kYes, info, 0,
kBottomLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin, nullptr,
auto surf2 = SkSurface::MakeRenderTarget(context, SkBudgeted::kYes, info);
// Draw something just in case we ever had a solid color optimization
surf1->getCanvas()->drawCircle(128, 128, 50, SkPaint());
// No mipmaps initially
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, isMipped(surf1.get()) == allocateMips);
// Painting with downscale and medium filter quality should result in mipmap creation
// Flush the context rather than the canvas as flushing the canvas triggers MIP level
// generation.
SkPaint paint;
surf2->getCanvas()->scale(0.2f, 0.2f);
surf2->getCanvas()->drawImage(surf1->makeImageSnapshot(), 0, 0, &paint);
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, isMipped(surf1.get()) == allocateMips);
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, !allocateMips || !mipsAreDirty(surf1.get()));
// Changing the contents of the surface should invalidate the mipmap, but not de-allocate
surf1->getCanvas()->drawCircle(128, 128, 100, SkPaint());
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, isMipped(surf1.get()) == allocateMips);
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, mipsAreDirty(surf1.get()));
DEF_GPUTEST_FOR_RENDERING_CONTEXTS(ReimportImageTextureWithMipLevels, reporter, ctxInfo) {
auto* ctx = ctxInfo.grContext();
if (!ctx->contextPriv().caps()->mipMapSupport()) {
static constexpr auto kCreateWithMipMaps = true;
auto surf = SkSurface::MakeRenderTarget(
ctx, SkBudgeted::kYes,
SkImageInfo::Make(100, 100, kRGBA_8888_SkColorType, kPremul_SkAlphaType), 1,
kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin, nullptr, kCreateWithMipMaps);
if (!surf) {
auto img = surf->makeImageSnapshot();
if (!img) {
GrBackendTexture btex;
SkImage::BackendTextureReleaseProc texRelease;
if (!SkImage::MakeBackendTextureFromSkImage(ctx, std::move(img), &btex, &texRelease)) {
// Not all backends support stealing textures yet.
// ERRORF(reporter, "Could not turn image into texture");
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, btex.hasMipMaps());
// Reimport the texture as an image and perform a downsampling draw with medium quality which
// should use the upper MIP levels.
img = SkImage::MakeFromTexture(ctx, btex, kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin, kRGBA_8888_SkColorType,
kPremul_SkAlphaType, nullptr);
const auto singlePixelInfo =
SkImageInfo::Make(1, 1, kRGBA_8888_SkColorType, kPremul_SkAlphaType, nullptr);
surf = SkSurface::MakeRenderTarget(ctx, SkBudgeted::kYes, singlePixelInfo, 1,
kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin, nullptr);
SkPaint paint;
surf->getCanvas()->drawImageRect(img, SkRect::MakeWH(1, 1), &paint);
uint32_t pixel;
surf->readPixels(singlePixelInfo, &pixel, sizeof(uint32_t), 0, 0);
REPORTER_ASSERT(reporter, pixel == SkPreMultiplyColor(SK_ColorDKGRAY));