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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkOverdrawCanvas_DEFINED
#define SkOverdrawCanvas_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkCanvasVirtualEnforcer.h"
#include "include/utils/SkNWayCanvas.h"
* Captures all drawing commands. Rather than draw the actual content, this device
* increments the alpha channel of each pixel every time it would have been touched
* by a draw call. This is useful for detecting overdraw.
class SK_API SkOverdrawCanvas : public SkCanvasVirtualEnforcer<SkNWayCanvas> {
/* Does not take ownership of canvas */
void onDrawTextBlob(const SkTextBlob*, SkScalar, SkScalar, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawGlyphRunList(
const sktext::GlyphRunList& glyphRunList, const SkPaint& paint) override;
void onDrawPatch(const SkPoint[12], const SkColor[4], const SkPoint[4], SkBlendMode,
const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawPaint(const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawBehind(const SkPaint& paint) override;
void onDrawRect(const SkRect&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawRegion(const SkRegion&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawOval(const SkRect&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawArc(const SkRect&, SkScalar, SkScalar, bool, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawDRRect(const SkRRect&, const SkRRect&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawRRect(const SkRRect&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawPoints(PointMode, size_t, const SkPoint[], const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawVerticesObject(const SkVertices*, SkBlendMode, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawPath(const SkPath&, const SkPaint&) override;
void onDrawImage2(const SkImage*, SkScalar, SkScalar, const SkSamplingOptions&,
const SkPaint*) override;
void onDrawImageRect2(const SkImage*, const SkRect&, const SkRect&, const SkSamplingOptions&,
const SkPaint*, SrcRectConstraint) override;
void onDrawImageLattice2(const SkImage*, const Lattice&, const SkRect&, SkFilterMode,
const SkPaint*) override;
void onDrawAtlas2(const SkImage*, const SkRSXform[], const SkRect[], const SkColor[], int,
SkBlendMode, const SkSamplingOptions&, const SkRect*, const SkPaint*) override;
void onDrawDrawable(SkDrawable*, const SkMatrix*) override;
void onDrawPicture(const SkPicture*, const SkMatrix*, const SkPaint*) override;
void onDrawAnnotation(const SkRect&, const char key[], SkData* value) override;
void onDrawShadowRec(const SkPath&, const SkDrawShadowRec&) override;
void onDrawEdgeAAQuad(const SkRect&, const SkPoint[4], SkCanvas::QuadAAFlags, const SkColor4f&,
SkBlendMode) override;
void onDrawEdgeAAImageSet2(const ImageSetEntry[], int count, const SkPoint[], const SkMatrix[],
const SkSamplingOptions&,const SkPaint*, SrcRectConstraint) override;
inline SkPaint overdrawPaint(const SkPaint& paint);
SkPaint fPaint;
using INHERITED = SkCanvasVirtualEnforcer<SkNWayCanvas>;