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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkImage_GpuYUVA_DEFINED
#define SkImage_GpuYUVA_DEFINED
#include "include/gpu/GrBackendSurface.h"
#include "src/core/SkCachedData.h"
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrYUVATextureProxies.h"
#include "src/image/SkImage_GpuBase.h"
class GrDirectContext;
class GrRecordingContext;
class GrTexture;
// Wraps the 1 to 4 planes of a YUVA image for consumption by the GPU.
// Initially any direct rendering will be done by passing the individual planes to a shader.
// Once any method requests a flattened image (e.g., onReadPixels), the flattened RGB
// proxy will be stored and used for any future rendering.
class SkImage_GpuYUVA final : public SkImage_GpuBase {
uint32_t uniqueID,
GrYUVATextureProxies proxies,
bool onHasMipmaps() const override;
GrSemaphoresSubmitted onFlush(GrDirectContext*, const GrFlushInfo&) const override;
bool isGaneshBacked() const override { return true; }
size_t onTextureSize() const override;
sk_sp<SkImage> onMakeColorTypeAndColorSpace(SkColorType, sk_sp<SkColorSpace>,
GrDirectContext*) const final;
sk_sp<SkImage> onReinterpretColorSpace(sk_sp<SkColorSpace>) const final;
bool isYUVA() const override { return true; }
bool setupMipmapsForPlanes(GrRecordingContext*) const;
SkImage_GpuYUVA(sk_sp<GrImageContext>, const SkImage_GpuYUVA* image, sk_sp<SkColorSpace>);
std::tuple<GrSurfaceProxyView, GrColorType> onAsView(GrRecordingContext*,
GrImageTexGenPolicy) const override;
std::unique_ptr<GrFragmentProcessor> onAsFragmentProcessor(GrRecordingContext*,
const SkTileMode[],
const SkMatrix&,
const SkRect*,
const SkRect*) const override;
mutable GrYUVATextureProxies fYUVAProxies;
// If this is non-null then the planar data should be converted from fFromColorSpace to
// this->colorSpace(). Otherwise we assume the planar data (post YUV->RGB conversion) is already
// in this->colorSpace().
const sk_sp<SkColorSpace> fFromColorSpace;
// Repeated calls to onMakeColorSpace will result in a proliferation of unique IDs and
// SkImage_GpuYUVA instances. Cache the result of the last successful onMakeColorSpace call.
mutable sk_sp<SkColorSpace> fOnMakeColorSpaceTarget;
mutable sk_sp<SkImage> fOnMakeColorSpaceResult;
using INHERITED = SkImage_GpuBase;