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This file assembles a toolchain for a Mac M1 host using the Clang Compiler and glibc.
It downloads the necessary headers, executables, and pre-compiled static/shared libraries to
the external subfolder of the Bazel cache (the same place third party deps are downloaded with
http_archive or similar functions in WORKSPACE.bazel). These will be able to be used via our
custom c++ toolchain configuration (see //toolchain/mac_m1_toolchain_config.bzl)
Clang files are downloaded in tars while the rest of the required files are found in the user's local
Xcode directory (with us acting as the dependency resolver) and extracted (or symlinked) to
[outputRoot (aka Bazel cache)]/[outputUserRoot]/[outputBase]/external/clang_mac_m1
which will act as our sysroot.
# From
clang_prefix = "clang+llvm-13.0.0-x86_64-apple-darwin"
clang_sha256 = "d051234eca1db1f5e4bc08c64937c879c7098900f7a0370f3ceb7544816a8b09"
clang_url = ""
def _download_mac_m1_toolchain_impl(ctx):
# Download the clang toolchain (the extraction can take a while)
url = clang_url,
output = "",
stripPrefix = clang_prefix,
sha256 = clang_sha256,
# Some std library headers use #include_next to include system specific headers, and
# some skia source files require Xcode headers when compiling, (see SkTypes.h and look
# for TargetedConditionals.h)) All of these are located in Xcode, stopping the Mac
# builds from being purely hermetic.
# For now, we can grab the user's Xcode path by calling xcode-select and create a symlink in
# our toolchain directory to refer to during compilation.
res = ctx.execute(["xcode-select", "-p"])
# from =
res.stdout.rstrip() + "/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr",
# to =
# Create a BUILD.bazel file that makes all the files in this subfolder
# except for those in the share directory. They are not necessary for building
# and create a symlink looping error when resolving the filegroup.
# available for use in rules, i.e. in the toolchain declaration.
content = """
# Generated from ctx.file action in download_mac_m1_toolchain.bzl
name = "all_files",
srcs = glob(
exclude = [
visibility = ["//visibility:public"]
executable = False,
download_mac_m1_toolchain = repository_rule(
implementation = _download_mac_m1_toolchain_impl,
attrs = {},
doc = "Downloads clang, and all supporting headers, executables, " +
"and shared libraries required to build Skia on a Mac M1 host." +
"Assumes you have xcode located on your device and have" +
"xcode-select in your $PATH.",