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import subprocess
import os
import argparse
# This script compiles and runs a skia app using Swiftshader in a docker container, making it easy
# to use Swiftshade w/o having to over-write /usr/local/lib/ and related on the
# host development machine.
# The Skia repo to be compiled will be the one on the host machine, which will
# default to the one specified by the environment variable $SKIA_ROOT with a fallback to the
# current working directory.
# Example usage
# Prove SwiftShader is really being used:
# build-with-swift-shader-and-run "out/with-swift-shader/fuzz --gpuInfo -t api -n NativeGLCanvas"
# Notice the output says GL_RENDERER Google SwiftShader
# After running the above, feel free to check out $SKIA_OUT/out/with-swift-shader. It has binaries
# but if you try to run out/with-swift-shader/fuzz --gpuInfo -t api -n NativeGLCanvas w/o using
# Docker, it will use the host's GPU (e.g. GL_VENDOR NVIDIA Corporation).
# Reproduce a fuzzer bug in SwiftShader:
# First, copy the test case into $SKIA_ROOT, say $SKIA_ROOT/skbug_1234
# build-with-swift-shader-and-run "out/with-swift-shader/fuzz -t filter_fuzz -b /skia/skbug_1234"
# $SKIA_ROOT gets mapped to /skia - other than that, the docker container does not have
# access to the host file system.
IMAGE = ''
BUILD_SCRIPT_PATH = '/skia/docker/skia-with-swift-shader-base/'
EXECUTABLE_DIR = 'out/with-swift-shader/'
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--sync_deps', action='store_true', help='Sync the deps before building?')
parser.add_argument('command', help='A string containing the command to be run '
'(e.g. out/with-swift-shader/fuzz --help)')
args = parser.parse_args()
skia_root = os.environ['SKIA_ROOT'] or os.getcwd()
print 'Assuming SKIA_ROOT to be %s' % skia_root
build_cmd = ['docker', 'run', '--rm', '-v', '%s:/skia' % skia_root, IMAGE, BUILD_SCRIPT_PATH]
if args.sync_deps:
build_cmd += ['sync-deps']
print 'Compiling executables to %s/%s' % (skia_root, EXECUTABLE_DIR)
print subprocess.check_output(build_cmd)
supplied_cmd = args.command.split(' ')
print 'Running supplied command %s' % supplied_cmd
run_cmd = ['docker', 'run', '--rm', '-w=/skia', '-v', '%s:/skia' % skia_root, IMAGE] + supplied_cmd
print subprocess.check_output(run_cmd)