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* Copyright 2022 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GraphiteDawnWindowContext_DEFINED
#define GraphiteDawnWindowContext_DEFINED
#include "tools/sk_app/WindowContext.h"
#include "webgpu/webgpu_cpp.h"
#include "dawn/native/DawnNative.h"
namespace sk_app {
class GraphiteDawnWindowContext : public WindowContext {
GraphiteDawnWindowContext(const DisplayParams&, wgpu::TextureFormat swapChainFormat);
~GraphiteDawnWindowContext() override;
sk_sp<SkSurface> getBackbufferSurface() override;
void swapBuffers() override;
bool isValid() override { return SkToBool(fDevice.Get()); }
void setDisplayParams(const DisplayParams& params) override;
bool isGpuContext() override { return true; }
void initializeContext(int width, int height);
wgpu::Device createDevice(wgpu::BackendType type);
wgpu::SwapChain createSwapChain();
void destroyContext();
virtual bool onInitializeContext() = 0;
virtual void onDestroyContext() = 0;
virtual void onSwapBuffers() = 0;
virtual GrSurfaceOrigin getRTOrigin() const { return kTopLeft_GrSurfaceOrigin; }
static constexpr wgpu::TextureUsage kTextureUsage = wgpu::TextureUsage::RenderAttachment;
wgpu::TextureFormat fSwapChainFormat;
std::unique_ptr<dawn::native::Instance> fInstance;
wgpu::Device fDevice;
wgpu::Queue fQueue;
wgpu::Surface fSurface;
wgpu::SwapChain fSwapChain;
} // namespace sk_app