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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "gm.h"
#include "sk_tool_utils.h"
#include "SkBlurMaskFilter.h"
#include "SkColorFilter.h"
#include "SkPath.h"
* This test exercises bug 1719. An anti-aliased blurred path is rendered through a soft clip. On
* the GPU a scratch texture was used to hold the original path mask as well as the blurred path
* result. The same texture is then incorrectly used to generate the soft clip mask for the draw.
* Thus the same texture is used for both the blur mask and soft mask in a single draw.
* The correct image should look like a thin stroked round rect.
DEF_SIMPLE_GM_BG(skbug1719, canvas, 300, 100,
sk_tool_utils::color_to_565(0xFF303030)) {
canvas->translate(SkIntToScalar(-800), SkIntToScalar(-650));
// The data is lifted from an SKP that exhibited the bug.
// This is a round rect.
SkPath clipPath;
clipPath.moveTo(832.f, 654.f);
clipPath.lineTo(1034.f, 654.f);
clipPath.cubicTo(1038.4183f, 654.f, 1042.f, 657.58173f, 1042.f, 662.f);
clipPath.lineTo(1042.f, 724.f);
clipPath.cubicTo(1042.f, 728.41827f, 1038.4183f, 732.f, 1034.f, 732.f);
clipPath.lineTo(832.f, 732.f);
clipPath.cubicTo(827.58173f, 732.f, 824.f, 728.41827f, 824.f, 724.f);
clipPath.lineTo(824.f, 662.f);
clipPath.cubicTo(824.f, 657.58173f, 827.58173f, 654.f, 832.f, 654.f);
// This is a round rect nested inside a rect.
SkPath drawPath;
drawPath.moveTo(823.f, 653.f);
drawPath.lineTo(1043.f, 653.f);
drawPath.lineTo(1043.f, 733.f);
drawPath.lineTo(823.f, 733.f);
drawPath.lineTo(823.f, 653.f);
drawPath.moveTo(832.f, 654.f);
drawPath.lineTo(1034.f, 654.f);
drawPath.cubicTo(1038.4183f, 654.f, 1042.f, 657.58173f, 1042.f, 662.f);
drawPath.lineTo(1042.f, 724.f);
drawPath.cubicTo(1042.f, 728.41827f, 1038.4183f, 732.f, 1034.f, 732.f);
drawPath.lineTo(832.f, 732.f);
drawPath.cubicTo(827.58173f, 732.f, 824.f, 728.41827f, 824.f, 724.f);
drawPath.lineTo(824.f, 662.f);
drawPath.cubicTo(824.f, 657.58173f, 827.58173f, 654.f, 832.f, 654.f);
SkPaint paint;
SkBlurMaskFilter::Make(kNormal_SkBlurStyle, 0.78867501f,
paint.setColorFilter(SkColorFilter::MakeModeFilter(0xBFFFFFFF, SkBlendMode::kSrcIn));
canvas->clipPath(clipPath, true);
canvas->drawPath(drawPath, paint);