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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Top-level presubmit script for Skia.
for more details about the presubmit API built into gcl.
import collections
import csv
import fnmatch
import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import traceback
# Please add the complete email address here (and not just 'xyz@' or 'xyz').
# Path to CQ bots feature is described in
'src/opts/': ('skia.primary:'
'include/private/SkAtomics.h': ('skia.primary:'
# Below are examples to show what is possible with this feature.
# 'src/svg/': 'master1:abc;master2:def',
# 'src/svg/parser/': 'master3:ghi,jkl;master4:mno',
# 'src/image/SkImage_Base.h': 'master5:pqr,stu;master1:abc1;master2:def',
def _CheckChangeHasEol(input_api, output_api, source_file_filter=None):
"""Checks that files end with atleast one \n (LF)."""
eof_files = []
for f in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(source_file_filter):
contents = input_api.ReadFile(f, 'rb')
# Check that the file ends in atleast one newline character.
if len(contents) > 1 and contents[-1:] != '\n':
if eof_files:
return [output_api.PresubmitPromptWarning(
'These files should end in a newline character:',
return []
def _PythonChecks(input_api, output_api):
"""Run checks on any modified Python files."""
pylint_disabled_files = (
pylint_disabled_warnings = (
'F0401', # Unable to import.
'E0611', # No name in module.
'W0232', # Class has no __init__ method.
'E1002', # Use of super on an old style class.
'W0403', # Relative import used.
'R0201', # Method could be a function.
'E1003', # Using class name in super.
'W0613', # Unused argument.
'W0105', # String statement has no effect.
# Run Pylint on only the modified python files. Unfortunately it still runs
# Pylint on the whole file instead of just the modified lines.
affected_python_files = []
for affected_file in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(None):
affected_file_path = affected_file.LocalPath()
if affected_file_path.endswith('.py'):
if affected_file_path not in pylint_disabled_files:
return input_api.canned_checks.RunPylint(
input_api, output_api,
def _IfDefChecks(input_api, output_api):
"""Ensures if/ifdef are not before includes. See skbug/3362 for details."""
comment_block_start_pattern = re.compile('^\s*\/\*.*$')
comment_block_middle_pattern = re.compile('^\s+\*.*')
comment_block_end_pattern = re.compile('^\s+\*\/.*$')
single_line_comment_pattern = re.compile('^\s*//.*$')
def is_comment(line):
return (comment_block_start_pattern.match(line) or
comment_block_middle_pattern.match(line) or
comment_block_end_pattern.match(line) or
empty_line_pattern = re.compile('^\s*$')
def is_empty_line(line):
return empty_line_pattern.match(line)
failing_files = []
for affected_file in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(None):
affected_file_path = affected_file.LocalPath()
if affected_file_path.endswith('.cpp') or affected_file_path.endswith('.h'):
f = open(affected_file_path)
for line in f.xreadlines():
if is_comment(line) or is_empty_line(line):
# The below will be the first real line after comments and newlines.
if line.startswith('#if 0 '):
elif line.startswith('#if ') or line.startswith('#ifdef '):
results = []
if failing_files:
'The following files have #if or #ifdef before includes:\n%s\n\n'
'See for why this should be fixed.' %
return results
def _CopyrightChecks(input_api, output_api, source_file_filter=None):
results = []
year_pattern = r'\d{4}'
year_range_pattern = r'%s(-%s)?' % (year_pattern, year_pattern)
years_pattern = r'%s(,%s)*,?' % (year_range_pattern, year_range_pattern)
copyright_pattern = (
r'Copyright (\([cC]\) )?%s \w+' % years_pattern)
for affected_file in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(source_file_filter):
if 'third_party' in affected_file.LocalPath():
contents = input_api.ReadFile(affected_file, 'rb')
if not, contents):
'%s is missing a correct copyright header.' % affected_file))
return results
def _ToolFlags(input_api, output_api):
"""Make sure `{dm,nanobench} test` passes if modified."""
results = []
sources = lambda x: ('' in x.LocalPath() or
'' in x.LocalPath())
for f in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(sources):
if 0 !=['python', f.LocalPath(), 'test']):
results.append(output_api.PresubmitError('`python %s test` failed' % f))
return results
def _InfraTests(input_api, output_api):
"""Run the infra tests."""
results = []
if not any(f.LocalPath().startswith('infra')
for f in input_api.AffectedFiles()):
return results
cmd = ['python', os.path.join('infra', 'bots', '')]
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
'`%s` failed:\n%s' % (' '.join(cmd), e.output)))
return results
def _CheckGNFormatted(input_api, output_api):
"""Make sure any .gn files we're changing have been formatted."""
results = []
for f in input_api.AffectedFiles():
if (not f.LocalPath().endswith('.gn') and
not f.LocalPath().endswith('.gni')):
gn = 'gn.bat' if 'win32' in sys.platform else 'gn'
cmd = [gn, 'format', '--dry-run', f.LocalPath()]
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
fix = 'gn format ' + f.LocalPath()
'`%s` failed, try\n\t%s' % (' '.join(cmd), fix)))
return results
def _CommonChecks(input_api, output_api):
"""Presubmit checks common to upload and commit."""
results = []
sources = lambda x: (x.LocalPath().endswith('.h') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.py') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.sh') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.m') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.mm') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.go') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.c') or
x.LocalPath().endswith('.cc') or
input_api, output_api, source_file_filter=sources))
input_api, output_api, source_file_filter=sources))
input_api, output_api, source_file_filter=sources))
results.extend(_PythonChecks(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_IfDefChecks(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CopyrightChecks(input_api, output_api,
results.extend(_ToolFlags(input_api, output_api))
return results
def CheckChangeOnUpload(input_api, output_api):
"""Presubmit checks for the change on upload.
The following are the presubmit checks:
* Check change has one and only one EOL.
results = []
results.extend(_CommonChecks(input_api, output_api))
# Run on upload, not commit, since the presubmit bot apparently doesn't have
# coverage or Go installed.
results.extend(_InfraTests(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckGNFormatted(input_api, output_api))
return results
def _CheckTreeStatus(input_api, output_api, json_url):
"""Check whether to allow commit.
input_api: input related apis.
output_api: output related apis.
json_url: url to download json style status.
tree_status_results = input_api.canned_checks.CheckTreeIsOpen(
input_api, output_api, json_url=json_url)
if not tree_status_results:
# Check for caution state only if tree is not closed.
connection = input_api.urllib2.urlopen(json_url)
status = input_api.json.loads(
if ('caution' in status['message'].lower() and
# Display a prompt only if we are in an interactive shell. Without this
# check the commit queue behaves incorrectly because it considers
# prompts to be failures.
short_text = 'Tree state is: ' + status['general_state']
long_text = status['message'] + '\n' + json_url
message=short_text, long_text=long_text))
# Tree status is closed. Put in message about contacting sheriff.
connection = input_api.urllib2.urlopen(
SKIA_TREE_STATUS_URL + '/current-sheriff')
sheriff_details = input_api.json.loads(
if sheriff_details:
tree_status_results[0]._message += (
'\n\nPlease contact the current Skia sheriff (%s) if you are trying '
'to submit a build fix\nand do not know how to submit because the '
'tree is closed') % sheriff_details['username']
return tree_status_results
class CodeReview(object):
"""Abstracts which codereview tool is used for the specified issue."""
def __init__(self, input_api):
self._issue = input_api.change.issue
self._gerrit = input_api.gerrit
def GetOwnerEmail(self):
return self._gerrit.GetChangeOwner(self._issue)
def GetSubject(self):
return self._gerrit.GetChangeInfo(self._issue)['subject']
def GetDescription(self):
return self._gerrit.GetChangeDescription(self._issue)
def IsDryRun(self):
return self._gerrit.GetChangeInfo(
self._issue)['labels']['Commit-Queue'].get('value', 0) == 1
def GetReviewers(self):
code_review_label = (
return [r['email'] for r in code_review_label.get('all', [])]
def GetApprovers(self):
approvers = []
code_review_label = (
for m in code_review_label.get('all', []):
if m.get("value") == 1:
return approvers
def _CheckOwnerIsInAuthorsFile(input_api, output_api):
results = []
if input_api.change.issue:
cr = CodeReview(input_api)
owner_email = cr.GetOwnerEmail()
# Service accounts don't need to be in AUTHORS.
if owner_email.endswith(SERVICE_ACCOUNT_SUFFIX):
return results
authors_content = ''
for line in open(AUTHORS_FILE_NAME):
if not line.startswith('#'):
authors_content += line
email_fnmatches = re.findall('<(.*)>', authors_content)
for email_fnmatch in email_fnmatches:
if fnmatch.fnmatch(owner_email, email_fnmatch):
# Found a match, the user is in the AUTHORS file break out of the loop
'The email %s is not in Skia\'s AUTHORS file.\n'
'Issue owner, this CL must include an addition to the Skia AUTHORS '
% owner_email))
except IOError:
# Do not fail if authors file cannot be found.
input_api.logging.error('AUTHORS file not found!')
return results
def _CheckLGTMsForPublicAPI(input_api, output_api):
"""Check LGTMs for public API changes.
For public API files make sure there is an LGTM from the list of owners in
results = []
requires_owner_check = False
for affected_file in input_api.AffectedFiles():
affected_file_path = affected_file.LocalPath()
file_path, file_ext = os.path.splitext(affected_file_path)
# We only care about files that end in .h and are under the top-level
# include dir, but not include/private.
if (file_ext == '.h' and
'include' == file_path.split(os.path.sep)[0] and
'private' not in file_path):
requires_owner_check = True
if not requires_owner_check:
return results
lgtm_from_owner = False
if input_api.change.issue:
cr = CodeReview(input_api)
if re.match(REVERT_CL_SUBJECT_PREFIX, cr.GetSubject(), re.I):
# It is a revert CL, ignore the public api owners check.
return results
if cr.IsDryRun():
# Ignore public api owners check for dry run CLs since they are not
# going to be committed.
return results
if input_api.gerrit:
for reviewer in cr.GetReviewers():
if reviewer in PUBLIC_API_OWNERS:
# If an owner is specified as an reviewer in Gerrit then ignore the
# public api owners check.
return results
match ='^TBR=(.*)$', cr.GetDescription(), re.M)
if match:
tbr_section =' ')[0]
tbr_entries = tbr_section.split(',')
for owner in PUBLIC_API_OWNERS:
if owner in tbr_entries or owner.split('@')[0] in tbr_entries:
# If an owner is specified in the TBR= line then ignore the public
# api owners check.
return results
if cr.GetOwnerEmail() in PUBLIC_API_OWNERS:
# An owner created the CL that is an automatic LGTM.
lgtm_from_owner = True
for approver in cr.GetApprovers():
if approver in PUBLIC_API_OWNERS:
# Found an lgtm in a message from an owner.
lgtm_from_owner = True
if not lgtm_from_owner:
"If this CL adds to or changes Skia's public API, you need an LGTM "
"from any of %s. If this CL only removes from or doesn't change "
"Skia's public API, please add a short note to the CL saying so. "
"Add one of the owners as a reviewer to your CL as well as to the "
"TBR= line. If you don't know if this CL affects Skia's public "
"API, treat it like it does." % str(PUBLIC_API_OWNERS)))
return results
def _FooterExists(footers, key, value):
for k, v in footers:
if k == key and v == value:
return True
return False
def PostUploadHook(cl, change, output_api):
"""git cl upload will call this hook after the issue is created/modified.
This hook does the following:
* Adds a link to preview docs changes if there are any docs changes in the CL.
* Adds 'No-Try: true' if the CL contains only docs changes.
* Adds 'No-Tree-Checks: true' for non master branch changes since they do not
need to be gated on the master branch's tree.
* Adds 'No-Try: true' for non master branch changes since trybots do not yet
work on them.
* Adds 'No-Presubmit: true' for non master branch changes since those don't
run the presubmit checks.
* Adds extra trybots for the paths defined in PATH_TO_EXTRA_TRYBOTS.
results = []
atleast_one_docs_change = False
all_docs_changes = True
for affected_file in change.AffectedFiles():
affected_file_path = affected_file.LocalPath()
file_path, _ = os.path.splitext(affected_file_path)
if 'site' == file_path.split(os.path.sep)[0]:
atleast_one_docs_change = True
all_docs_changes = False
if atleast_one_docs_change and not all_docs_changes:
issue = cl.issue
if issue:
# Skip PostUploadHooks for all auto-commit bots. New patchsets (caused
# due to PostUploadHooks) invalidates the CQ+2 vote from the
# "--use-commit-queue" flag to "git cl upload".
if cl.GetIssueOwner() in AUTO_COMMIT_BOTS:
return results
original_description_lines, footers = cl.GetDescriptionFooters()
new_description_lines = list(original_description_lines)
# If the change includes only doc changes then add No-Try: true in the
# CL's description if it does not exist yet.
if all_docs_changes and not _FooterExists(footers, 'No-Try', 'true'):
new_description_lines.append('No-Try: true')
'This change has only doc changes. Automatically added '
'\'No-Try: true\' to the CL\'s description'))
# If there is atleast one docs change then add preview link in the CL's
# description if it does not already exist there.
docs_preview_link = '%s%s' % (DOCS_PREVIEW_URL, issue)
docs_preview_line = 'Docs-Preview: %s' % docs_preview_link
if (atleast_one_docs_change and
not _FooterExists(footers, 'Docs-Preview', docs_preview_link)):
# Automatically add a link to where the docs can be previewed.
'Automatically added a link to preview the docs changes to the '
'CL\'s description'))
# If the target ref is not master then add 'No-Tree-Checks: true' and
# 'No-Try: true' to the CL's description if it does not already exist there.
target_ref = cl.GetRemoteBranch()[1]
if target_ref != 'refs/remotes/origin/master':
if not _FooterExists(footers, 'No-Tree-Checks', 'true'):
new_description_lines.append('No-Tree-Checks: true')
'Branch changes do not need to rely on the master branch\'s '
'tree status. Automatically added \'No-Tree-Checks: true\' to '
'the CL\'s description'))
if not _FooterExists(footers, 'No-Try', 'true'):
new_description_lines.append('No-Try: true')
'Trybots do not yet work for non-master branches. '
'Automatically added \'No-Try: true\' to the CL\'s '
if not _FooterExists(footers, 'No-Presubmit', 'true'):
new_description_lines.append('No-Presubmit: true')
'Branch changes do not run the presubmit checks.'))
# Automatically set Cq-Include-Trybots if any of the changed files here
# begin with the paths of interest.
bots_to_include = []
for affected_file in change.AffectedFiles():
affected_file_path = affected_file.LocalPath()
for path_prefix, extra_bots in PATH_PREFIX_TO_EXTRA_TRYBOTS.iteritems():
if affected_file_path.startswith(path_prefix):
'Your CL modifies the path %s.\nAutomatically adding %s to '
'the CL description.' % (affected_file_path, extra_bots)))
if bots_to_include:
cl, bots_to_include, new_description_lines)
# If the description has changed update it.
if new_description_lines != original_description_lines:
# Add a new line separating the new contents from the old contents.
new_description_lines.insert(len(original_description_lines), '')
cl.UpdateDescriptionFooters(new_description_lines, footers)
return results
def CheckChangeOnCommit(input_api, output_api):
"""Presubmit checks for the change on commit.
The following are the presubmit checks:
* Check change has one and only one EOL.
* Ensures that the Skia tree is open in Shows a warning if it is in 'Caution'
state and an error if it is in 'Closed' state.
results = []
results.extend(_CommonChecks(input_api, output_api))
_CheckTreeStatus(input_api, output_api, json_url=(
SKIA_TREE_STATUS_URL + '/banner-status?format=json')))
results.extend(_CheckLGTMsForPublicAPI(input_api, output_api))
results.extend(_CheckOwnerIsInAuthorsFile(input_api, output_api))
# Checks for the presence of 'DO NOT''SUBMIT' in CL description and in
# content of files.
input_api.canned_checks.CheckDoNotSubmit(input_api, output_api))
return results