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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrMtlGpu_DEFINED
#define GrMtlGpu_DEFINED
#include "GrGpu.h"
#include "GrRenderTarget.h"
#include "GrSemaphore.h"
#include "GrTexture.h"
#include "GrMtlCaps.h"
#include "GrMtlCopyManager.h"
#include "GrMtlResourceProvider.h"
#include "GrMtlStencilAttachment.h"
#import <Metal/Metal.h>
class GrMtlGpuRTCommandBuffer;
class GrMtlTexture;
class GrSemaphore;
struct GrMtlBackendContext;
namespace SkSL {
class Compiler;
// Helper macros for autorelease pools
#define SK_BEGIN_AUTORELEASE_BLOCK @autoreleasepool {
class GrMtlGpu : public GrGpu {
static sk_sp<GrGpu> Make(GrContext* context, const GrContextOptions& options,
id<MTLDevice> device, id<MTLCommandQueue> queue);
~GrMtlGpu() override = default;
const GrMtlCaps& mtlCaps() const { return *fMtlCaps.get(); }
id<MTLDevice> device() const { return fDevice; }
GrMtlResourceProvider& resourceProvider() { return fResourceProvider; }
id<MTLCommandBuffer> commandBuffer();
enum SyncQueue {
// Commits the current command buffer to the queue and then creates a new command buffer. If
// sync is set to kForce_SyncQueue, the function will wait for all work in the committed
// command buffer to finish before creating a new buffer and returning.
void submitCommandBuffer(SyncQueue sync);
GrBackendTexture createTestingOnlyBackendTexture(const void* pixels, int w, int h,
GrColorType colorType, bool isRT,
GrMipMapped, size_t rowBytes = 0) override;
bool isTestingOnlyBackendTexture(const GrBackendTexture&) const override;
void deleteTestingOnlyBackendTexture(const GrBackendTexture&) override;
GrBackendRenderTarget createTestingOnlyBackendRenderTarget(int w, int h, GrColorType) override;
void deleteTestingOnlyBackendRenderTarget(const GrBackendRenderTarget&) override;
void testingOnly_flushGpuAndSync() override;
bool copySurfaceAsBlit(GrSurface* dst, GrSurfaceOrigin dstOrigin,
GrSurface* src, GrSurfaceOrigin srcOrigin,
const SkIRect& srcRect, const SkIPoint& dstPoint);
// This function is needed when we want to copy between two surfaces with different origins and
// the destination surface is not a render target. We will first draw to a temporary render
// target to adjust for the different origins and then blit from there to the destination.
bool copySurfaceAsDrawThenBlit(GrSurface* dst, GrSurfaceOrigin dstOrigin,
GrSurface* src, GrSurfaceOrigin srcOrigin,
const SkIRect& srcRect, const SkIPoint& dstPoint);
bool onCopySurface(GrSurface* dst, GrSurfaceOrigin dstOrigin,
GrSurface* src, GrSurfaceOrigin srcOrigin,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkIPoint& dstPoint,
bool canDiscardOutsideDstRect) override;
GrGpuRTCommandBuffer* getCommandBuffer(
GrRenderTarget*, GrSurfaceOrigin, const SkRect& bounds,
const GrGpuRTCommandBuffer::LoadAndStoreInfo&,
const GrGpuRTCommandBuffer::StencilLoadAndStoreInfo&) override;
GrGpuTextureCommandBuffer* getCommandBuffer(GrTexture*, GrSurfaceOrigin) override;
SkSL::Compiler* shaderCompiler() const { return fCompiler.get(); }
void submit(GrGpuCommandBuffer* buffer) override;
GrFence SK_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT insertFence() override { return 0; }
bool waitFence(GrFence, uint64_t) override { return true; }
void deleteFence(GrFence) const override {}
sk_sp<GrSemaphore> SK_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT makeSemaphore(bool isOwned) override {
return nullptr;
sk_sp<GrSemaphore> wrapBackendSemaphore(const GrBackendSemaphore& semaphore,
GrResourceProvider::SemaphoreWrapType wrapType,
GrWrapOwnership ownership) override { return nullptr; }
void insertSemaphore(sk_sp<GrSemaphore> semaphore) override {}
void waitSemaphore(sk_sp<GrSemaphore> semaphore) override {}
sk_sp<GrSemaphore> prepareTextureForCrossContextUsage(GrTexture*) override { return nullptr; }
// When the Metal backend actually uses indirect command buffers, this function will actually do
// what it says. For now, every command is encoded directly into the primary command buffer, so
// this function is pretty useless, except for indicating that a render target has been drawn
// to.
void submitIndirectCommandBuffer(GrSurface* surface, GrSurfaceOrigin origin,
const SkIRect* bounds) {
this->didWriteToSurface(surface, origin, bounds);
GrMtlGpu(GrContext* context, const GrContextOptions& options,
id<MTLDevice> device, id<MTLCommandQueue> queue, MTLFeatureSet featureSet);
void onResetContext(uint32_t resetBits) override {}
void querySampleLocations(GrRenderTarget*, SkTArray<SkPoint>*) override {
SK_ABORT("Sample locations not yet implemented for Metal.");
void xferBarrier(GrRenderTarget*, GrXferBarrierType) override {}
sk_sp<GrTexture> onCreateTexture(const GrSurfaceDesc& desc, SkBudgeted budgeted,
const GrMipLevel texels[], int mipLevelCount) override;
sk_sp<GrTexture> onWrapBackendTexture(const GrBackendTexture&, GrWrapOwnership, GrWrapCacheable,
GrIOType) override;
sk_sp<GrTexture> onWrapRenderableBackendTexture(const GrBackendTexture&, int sampleCnt,
GrWrapOwnership, GrWrapCacheable) override;
sk_sp<GrRenderTarget> onWrapBackendRenderTarget(const GrBackendRenderTarget&) override;
sk_sp<GrRenderTarget> onWrapBackendTextureAsRenderTarget(const GrBackendTexture&,
int sampleCnt) override;
sk_sp<GrGpuBuffer> onCreateBuffer(size_t, GrGpuBufferType, GrAccessPattern,
const void*) override;
bool onReadPixels(GrSurface* surface, int left, int top, int width, int height, GrColorType,
void* buffer, size_t rowBytes) override;
bool onWritePixels(GrSurface*, int left, int top, int width, int height, GrColorType,
const GrMipLevel[], int mipLevelCount) override;
bool onTransferPixelsTo(GrTexture*,
int left, int top, int width, int height,
GrColorType, GrGpuBuffer*,
size_t offset, size_t rowBytes) override {
// TODO: not sure this is worth the work since nobody uses it
return false;
bool onTransferPixelsFrom(GrSurface*, int left, int top, int width, int height, GrColorType,
GrGpuBuffer*, size_t offset) override {
// TODO: Will need to implement this to support async read backs.
return false;
bool onRegenerateMipMapLevels(GrTexture*) override;
void onResolveRenderTarget(GrRenderTarget* target) override { return; }
void onFinishFlush(GrSurfaceProxy*, SkSurface::BackendSurfaceAccess access,
GrFlushFlags flags, bool insertedSemaphores,
GrGpuFinishedProc finishedProc,
GrGpuFinishedContext finishedContext) override {
if (flags & kSyncCpu_GrFlushFlag) {
if (finishedProc) {
} else {
// TODO: support finishedProc to actually be called when the GPU is done with the work
// and not immediately.
if (finishedProc) {
// Function that uploads data onto textures with private storage mode (GPU access only).
bool uploadToTexture(GrMtlTexture* tex, int left, int top, int width, int height,
GrColorType dataColorType, const GrMipLevel texels[], int mipLevels);
// Function that fills texture with transparent black
bool clearTexture(GrMtlTexture*, GrColorType);
GrStencilAttachment* createStencilAttachmentForRenderTarget(const GrRenderTarget*,
int width,
int height) override;
bool createTestingOnlyMtlTextureInfo(GrColorType colorType, int w, int h, bool texturable,
bool renderable, GrMipMapped mipMapped,
const void* srcData, size_t rowBytes,
GrMtlTextureInfo* info);
sk_sp<GrMtlCaps> fMtlCaps;
id<MTLDevice> fDevice;
id<MTLCommandQueue> fQueue;
id<MTLCommandBuffer> fCmdBuffer;
std::unique_ptr<SkSL::Compiler> fCompiler;
GrMtlCopyManager fCopyManager;
GrMtlResourceProvider fResourceProvider;
typedef GrGpu INHERITED;