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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGLPrimitiveProcessor_DEFINED
#define GrGLPrimitiveProcessor_DEFINED
#include "GrPrimitiveProcessor.h"
#include "GrGLProcessor.h"
class GrBatchTracker;
class GrPrimitiveProcessor;
class GrGLGPBuilder;
class GrGLPrimitiveProcessor {
GrGLPrimitiveProcessor() : fViewMatrixName(NULL) { fViewMatrix = SkMatrix::InvalidMatrix(); }
virtual ~GrGLPrimitiveProcessor() {}
typedef GrGLProgramDataManager::UniformHandle UniformHandle;
typedef GrGLProcessor::TextureSamplerArray TextureSamplerArray;
typedef SkSTArray<2, const GrCoordTransform*, true> ProcCoords;
typedef SkSTArray<8, ProcCoords> TransformsIn;
typedef SkSTArray<8, GrGLProcessor::TransformedCoordsArray> TransformsOut;
struct EmitArgs {
EmitArgs(GrGLGPBuilder* pb,
const GrPrimitiveProcessor& gp,
const GrBatchTracker& bt,
const char* outputColor,
const char* outputCoverage,
const TextureSamplerArray& samplers,
const TransformsIn& transformsIn,
TransformsOut* transformsOut)
: fPB(pb)
, fGP(gp)
, fBT(bt)
, fOutputColor(outputColor)
, fOutputCoverage(outputCoverage)
, fSamplers(samplers)
, fTransformsIn(transformsIn)
, fTransformsOut(transformsOut) {}
GrGLGPBuilder* fPB;
const GrPrimitiveProcessor& fGP;
const GrBatchTracker& fBT;
const char* fOutputColor;
const char* fOutputCoverage;
const TextureSamplerArray& fSamplers;
const TransformsIn& fTransformsIn;
TransformsOut* fTransformsOut;
* This is similar to emitCode() in the base class, except it takes a full shader builder.
* This allows the effect subclass to emit vertex code.
virtual void emitCode(EmitArgs&) = 0;
/** A GrGLPrimitiveProcessor instance can be reused with any GrGLPrimitiveProcessor that
produces the same stage key; this function reads data from a GrGLPrimitiveProcessor and
uploads any uniform variables required by the shaders created in emitCode(). The
GrPrimitiveProcessor parameter is guaranteed to be of the same type that created this
GrGLPrimitiveProcessor and to have an identical processor key as the one that created this
GrGLPrimitiveProcessor. */
virtual void setData(const GrGLProgramDataManager&,
const GrPrimitiveProcessor&,
const GrBatchTracker&) = 0;
static SkMatrix GetTransformMatrix(const SkMatrix& localMatrix, const GrCoordTransform&);
void setupUniformColor(GrGLGPBuilder* pb, const char* outputName, UniformHandle* colorUniform);
const char* uViewM() const { return fViewMatrixName; }
/** a helper function to setup the uniform handle for the uniform view matrix */
void addUniformViewMatrix(GrGLGPBuilder*);
/** a helper function to upload a uniform viewmatrix.
* TODO we can remove this function when we have deferred geometry in place
void setUniformViewMatrix(const GrGLProgramDataManager&,
const SkMatrix& viewMatrix);
class ShaderVarHandle {
bool isValid() const { return fHandle > -1; }
ShaderVarHandle() : fHandle(-1) {}
ShaderVarHandle(int value) : fHandle(value) { SkASSERT(this->isValid()); }
int handle() const { SkASSERT(this->isValid()); return fHandle; }
UniformHandle convertToUniformHandle() {
return GrGLProgramDataManager::UniformHandle::CreateFromUniformIndex(fHandle);
int fHandle;
struct Transform {
Transform() : fType(kVoid_GrSLType) { fCurrentValue = SkMatrix::InvalidMatrix(); }
ShaderVarHandle fHandle;
SkMatrix fCurrentValue;
GrSLType fType;
SkSTArray<8, SkSTArray<2, Transform, true> > fInstalledTransforms;
UniformHandle fViewMatrixUniform;
SkMatrix fViewMatrix;
const char* fViewMatrixName;