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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrCommandBuilder.h"
#include "GrInOrderCommandBuilder.h"
#include "GrReorderCommandBuilder.h"
GrCommandBuilder* GrCommandBuilder::Create(GrGpu* gpu, bool reorder) {
if (reorder) {
return SkNEW_ARGS(GrReorderCommandBuilder, (gpu));
} else {
return SkNEW_ARGS(GrInOrderCommandBuilder, (gpu));
GrTargetCommands::Cmd* GrCommandBuilder::recordClear(const SkIRect* rect,
GrColor color,
bool canIgnoreRect,
GrRenderTarget* renderTarget) {
SkIRect r;
if (NULL == rect) {
// We could do something smart and remove previous draws and clears to
// the current render target. If we get that smart we have to make sure
// those draws aren't read before this clear (render-to-texture).
r.setLTRB(0, 0, renderTarget->width(), renderTarget->height());
rect = &r;
Clear* clr = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), Clear, (renderTarget));
clr->fColor = color;
clr->fRect = *rect;
clr->fCanIgnoreRect = canIgnoreRect;
return clr;
GrTargetCommands::Cmd* GrCommandBuilder::recordClearStencilClip(const SkIRect& rect,
bool insideClip,
GrRenderTarget* renderTarget) {
ClearStencilClip* clr = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(),
clr->fRect = rect;
clr->fInsideClip = insideClip;
return clr;
GrTargetCommands::Cmd* GrCommandBuilder::recordDiscard(GrRenderTarget* renderTarget) {
Clear* clr = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), Clear, (renderTarget));
clr->fColor = GrColor_ILLEGAL;
return clr;
GrTargetCommands::Cmd* GrCommandBuilder::recordCopySurface(GrSurface* dst,
GrSurface* src,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkIPoint& dstPoint) {
CopySurface* cs = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), CopySurface, (dst, src));
cs->fSrcRect = srcRect;
cs->fDstPoint = dstPoint;
return cs;
GrCommandBuilder::recordXferBarrierIfNecessary(const GrPipeline& pipeline,
const GrCaps& caps) {
const GrXferProcessor& xp = *pipeline.getXferProcessor();
GrRenderTarget* rt = pipeline.getRenderTarget();
GrXferBarrierType barrierType;
if (!xp.willNeedXferBarrier(rt, caps, &barrierType)) {
return NULL;
XferBarrier* xb = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), XferBarrier, (rt));
xb->fBarrierType = barrierType;
return xb;