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* Copyright 2021 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef skgpu_graphite_BackendTexture_DEFINED
#define skgpu_graphite_BackendTexture_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkRefCnt.h"
#include "include/core/SkSize.h"
#include "include/gpu/graphite/GraphiteTypes.h"
#include "include/gpu/graphite/TextureInfo.h"
#ifdef SK_DAWN
#include "include/gpu/graphite/dawn/DawnTypes.h"
#ifdef SK_METAL
#include "include/gpu/graphite/mtl/MtlTypes.h"
#ifdef SK_VULKAN
#include "include/private/gpu/vk/SkiaVulkan.h"
namespace skgpu {
class MutableTextureState;
class MutableTextureStateRef;
namespace skgpu::graphite {
class BackendTexture {
#ifdef SK_DAWN
// Create a BackendTexture from a wgpu::Texture. Texture info will be
// queried from the texture. Comparing to wgpu::TextureView,
// SkImage::readPixels(), SkSurface::readPixels() and
// SkSurface::writePixels() are implemented by direct buffer copy. They
// should be more efficient. For wgpu::TextureView, those methods will use
// create an intermediate wgpu::Texture, and use it to transfer pixels.
// Note: for better performance, using wgpu::Texture IS RECOMMENDED.
BackendTexture(wgpu::Texture texture);
// Create a BackendTexture from a wgpu::TextureView. Texture dimensions and
// info have to be provided.
// Note: this method is for importing wgpu::TextureView from wgpu::SwapChain
// only.
BackendTexture(SkISize dimensions,
const DawnTextureInfo& info,
wgpu::TextureView textureView);
#ifdef SK_METAL
// The BackendTexture will not call retain or release on the passed in MtlHandle. Thus the
// client must keep the MtlHandle valid until they are no longer using the BackendTexture.
BackendTexture(SkISize dimensions, MtlHandle mtlTexture);
#ifdef SK_VULKAN
BackendTexture(SkISize dimensions,
const VulkanTextureInfo&,
uint32_t queueFamilyIndex,
BackendTexture(const BackendTexture&);
BackendTexture& operator=(const BackendTexture&);
bool operator==(const BackendTexture&) const;
bool operator!=(const BackendTexture& that) const { return !(*this == that); }
bool isValid() const { return fInfo.isValid(); }
BackendApi backend() const { return fInfo.backend(); }
SkISize dimensions() const { return fDimensions; }
const TextureInfo& info() const { return fInfo; }
// If the client changes any of the mutable backend of the GrBackendTexture they should call
// this function to inform Skia that those values have changed. The backend API specific state
// that can be set from this function are:
// Vulkan: VkImageLayout and QueueFamilyIndex
void setMutableState(const skgpu::MutableTextureState&);
#ifdef SK_DAWN
wgpu::Texture getDawnTexture() const;
wgpu::TextureView getDawnTextureView() const;
#ifdef SK_METAL
MtlHandle getMtlTexture() const;
#ifdef SK_VULKAN
VkImage getVkImage() const;
VkImageLayout getVkImageLayout() const;
uint32_t getVkQueueFamilyIndex() const;
sk_sp<MutableTextureStateRef> mutableState() const;
SkISize fDimensions;
TextureInfo fInfo;
sk_sp<MutableTextureStateRef> fMutableState;
#ifdef SK_DAWN
struct Dawn {
Dawn(wgpu::Texture texture) : fTexture(std::move(texture)) {}
Dawn(wgpu::TextureView textureView) : fTextureView(std::move(textureView)) {}
bool operator==(const Dawn& that) const {
return fTexture.Get() == that.fTexture.Get() &&
fTextureView.Get() == that.fTextureView.Get();
bool operator!=(const Dawn& that) const {
return !this->operator==(that);
Dawn& operator=(const Dawn& that) {
fTexture = that.fTexture;
fTextureView = that.fTextureView;
return *this;
wgpu::Texture fTexture;
wgpu::TextureView fTextureView;
union {
#ifdef SK_DAWN
Dawn fDawn;
#ifdef SK_METAL
MtlHandle fMtlTexture;
#ifdef SK_VULKAN
VkImage fVkImage;
} // namespace skgpu::graphite
#endif // skgpu_graphite_BackendTexture_DEFINED