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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "SkImageDecoder.h"
#include "SkBitmap.h"
#include "SkImagePriv.h"
#include "SkPixelRef.h"
#include "SkStream.h"
#include "SkTemplates.h"
#include "SkCanvas.h"
: fPeeker(NULL)
, fAllocator(NULL)
, fSampleSize(1)
, fDefaultPref(kUnknown_SkColorType)
, fPreserveSrcDepth(false)
, fDitherImage(true)
, fSkipWritingZeroes(false)
, fPreferQualityOverSpeed(false)
, fRequireUnpremultipliedColors(false) {
SkImageDecoder::~SkImageDecoder() {
void SkImageDecoder::copyFieldsToOther(SkImageDecoder* other) {
if (NULL == other) {
SkImageDecoder::Format SkImageDecoder::getFormat() const {
return kUnknown_Format;
const char* SkImageDecoder::getFormatName() const {
return GetFormatName(this->getFormat());
const char* SkImageDecoder::GetFormatName(Format format) {
switch (format) {
case kUnknown_Format:
return "Unknown Format";
case kBMP_Format:
return "BMP";
case kGIF_Format:
return "GIF";
case kICO_Format:
return "ICO";
case kPKM_Format:
return "PKM";
case kKTX_Format:
return "KTX";
case kASTC_Format:
return "ASTC";
case kJPEG_Format:
return "JPEG";
case kPNG_Format:
return "PNG";
case kWBMP_Format:
return "WBMP";
case kWEBP_Format:
return "WEBP";
SkDEBUGFAIL("Invalid format type!");
return "Unknown Format";
SkImageDecoder::Peeker* SkImageDecoder::setPeeker(Peeker* peeker) {
SkRefCnt_SafeAssign(fPeeker, peeker);
return peeker;
SkBitmap::Allocator* SkImageDecoder::setAllocator(SkBitmap::Allocator* alloc) {
SkRefCnt_SafeAssign(fAllocator, alloc);
return alloc;
void SkImageDecoder::setSampleSize(int size) {
if (size < 1) {
size = 1;
fSampleSize = size;
bool SkImageDecoder::allocPixelRef(SkBitmap* bitmap,
SkColorTable* ctable) const {
return bitmap->tryAllocPixels(fAllocator, ctable);
SkColorType SkImageDecoder::getPrefColorType(SrcDepth srcDepth, bool srcHasAlpha) const {
SkColorType ct = fDefaultPref;
if (fPreserveSrcDepth) {
switch (srcDepth) {
case kIndex_SrcDepth:
ct = kIndex_8_SkColorType;
case k8BitGray_SrcDepth:
ct = kN32_SkColorType;
case k32Bit_SrcDepth:
ct = kN32_SkColorType;
return ct;
SkImageDecoder::Result SkImageDecoder::decode(SkStream* stream, SkBitmap* bm, SkColorType pref,
Mode mode) {
// we reset this to false before calling onDecode
fShouldCancelDecode = false;
// assign this, for use by getPrefColorType(), in case fUsePrefTable is false
fDefaultPref = pref;
// pass a temporary bitmap, so that if we return false, we are assured of
// leaving the caller's bitmap untouched.
SkBitmap tmp;
const Result result = this->onDecode(stream, &tmp, mode);
if (kFailure != result) {
return result;
bool SkImageDecoder::decodeSubset(SkBitmap* bm, const SkIRect& rect, SkColorType pref) {
// we reset this to false before calling onDecodeSubset
fShouldCancelDecode = false;
// assign this, for use by getPrefColorType(), in case fUsePrefTable is false
fDefaultPref = pref;
return this->onDecodeSubset(bm, rect);
bool SkImageDecoder::buildTileIndex(SkStreamRewindable* stream, int *width, int *height) {
// we reset this to false before calling onBuildTileIndex
fShouldCancelDecode = false;
return this->onBuildTileIndex(stream, width, height);
bool SkImageDecoder::onBuildTileIndex(SkStreamRewindable* stream, int* /*width*/,
int* /*height*/) {
return false;
bool SkImageDecoder::cropBitmap(SkBitmap *dst, SkBitmap *src, int sampleSize,
int dstX, int dstY, int width, int height,
int srcX, int srcY) {
int w = width / sampleSize;
int h = height / sampleSize;
if (src->colorType() == kIndex_8_SkColorType) {
// kIndex8 does not allow drawing via an SkCanvas, as is done below.
// Instead, use extractSubset. Note that this shares the SkPixelRef and
// SkColorTable.
// FIXME: Since src is discarded in practice, this holds on to more
// pixels than is strictly necessary. Switch to a copy if memory
// savings are more important than speed here. This also means
// that the pixels in dst can not be reused (though there is no
// allocation, which was already done on src).
int x = (dstX - srcX) / sampleSize;
int y = (dstY - srcY) / sampleSize;
SkIRect subset = SkIRect::MakeXYWH(x, y, w, h);
return src->extractSubset(dst, subset);
// if the destination has no pixels then we must allocate them.
if (dst->isNull()) {
dst->setInfo(src->info().makeWH(w, h));
if (!this->allocPixelRef(dst, NULL)) {
SkDEBUGF(("failed to allocate pixels needed to crop the bitmap"));
return false;
// check to see if the destination is large enough to decode the desired
// region. If this assert fails we will just draw as much of the source
// into the destination that we can.
if (dst->width() < w || dst->height() < h) {
SkDEBUGF(("SkImageDecoder::cropBitmap does not have a large enough bitmap.\n"));
// Set the Src_Mode for the paint to prevent transparency issue in the
// dest in the event that the dest was being re-used.
SkPaint paint;
SkCanvas canvas(*dst);
canvas.drawSprite(*src, (srcX - dstX) / sampleSize,
(srcY - dstY) / sampleSize,
return true;
bool SkImageDecoder::DecodeFile(const char file[], SkBitmap* bm, SkColorType pref, Mode mode,
Format* format) {
SkAutoTDelete<SkStreamRewindable> stream(SkStream::NewFromFile(file));
if (stream.get()) {
if (SkImageDecoder::DecodeStream(stream, bm, pref, mode, format)) {
return true;
return false;
bool SkImageDecoder::DecodeMemory(const void* buffer, size_t size, SkBitmap* bm, SkColorType pref,
Mode mode, Format* format) {
if (0 == size) {
return false;
SkMemoryStream stream(buffer, size);
return SkImageDecoder::DecodeStream(&stream, bm, pref, mode, format);
bool SkImageDecoder::DecodeStream(SkStreamRewindable* stream, SkBitmap* bm, SkColorType pref,
Mode mode, Format* format) {
bool success = false;
SkImageDecoder* codec = SkImageDecoder::Factory(stream);
if (codec) {
success = codec->decode(stream, bm, pref, mode) != kFailure;
if (success && format) {
*format = codec->getFormat();
if (kUnknown_Format == *format) {
if (stream->rewind()) {
*format = GetStreamFormat(stream);
delete codec;
return success;
bool SkImageDecoder::decodeYUV8Planes(SkStream* stream, SkISize componentSizes[3], void* planes[3],
size_t rowBytes[3], SkYUVColorSpace* colorSpace) {
// we reset this to false before calling onDecodeYUV8Planes
fShouldCancelDecode = false;
return this->onDecodeYUV8Planes(stream, componentSizes, planes, rowBytes, colorSpace);