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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkBlendModePriv_DEFINED
#define SkBlendModePriv_DEFINED
#include "include/core/SkBlendMode.h"
#include "include/core/SkColor.h"
#include "include/private/SkColorData.h"
class SkRasterPipeline;
* Sentinel value for SkBlendMode enum.
* Will never be a valid enum value, but will be storable in a byte.
constexpr uint8_t kCustom_SkBlendMode = 0xFF;
bool SkBlendMode_SupportsCoverageAsAlpha(SkBlendMode);
static inline bool SkBlendMode_CaresAboutRBOrder(SkBlendMode mode) {
return (mode > SkBlendMode::kLastSeparableMode);
bool SkBlendMode_ShouldPreScaleCoverage(SkBlendMode, bool rgb_coverage);
void SkBlendMode_AppendStages(SkBlendMode, SkRasterPipeline*);
SkPMColor4f SkBlendMode_Apply(SkBlendMode, const SkPMColor4f& src, const SkPMColor4f& dst);
#include "src/gpu/ganesh/GrXferProcessor.h"
const GrXPFactory* SkBlendMode_AsXPFactory(SkBlendMode);