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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/gpu/vk/GrVkVaryingHandler.h"
/** Returns the number of locations take up by a given GrSLType. We assume that all
scalar values are 32 bits. */
static inline int grsltype_to_location_size(GrSLType type) {
switch(type) {
case kVoid_GrSLType:
return 0;
case kFloat_GrSLType: // fall through
case kHalf_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kFloat2_GrSLType: // fall through
case kHalf2_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kFloat3_GrSLType:
case kHalf3_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kFloat4_GrSLType:
case kHalf4_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kInt2_GrSLType:
case kUint2_GrSLType:
case kShort2_GrSLType:
case kUShort2_GrSLType:
case kByte2_GrSLType:
case kUByte2_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kInt3_GrSLType:
case kUint3_GrSLType:
case kShort3_GrSLType:
case kUShort3_GrSLType:
case kByte3_GrSLType:
case kUByte3_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kInt4_GrSLType:
case kUint4_GrSLType:
case kShort4_GrSLType:
case kUShort4_GrSLType:
case kByte4_GrSLType:
case kUByte4_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kFloat2x2_GrSLType:
case kHalf2x2_GrSLType:
return 2;
case kFloat3x3_GrSLType:
case kHalf3x3_GrSLType:
return 3;
case kFloat4x4_GrSLType:
case kHalf4x4_GrSLType:
return 4;
case kTexture2DSampler_GrSLType:
case kSampler_GrSLType:
case kTexture2D_GrSLType:
case kInput_GrSLType:
return 0;
case kTextureExternalSampler_GrSLType:
return 0;
case kTexture2DRectSampler_GrSLType:
return 0;
case kBool_GrSLType:
case kBool2_GrSLType:
case kBool3_GrSLType:
case kBool4_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kInt_GrSLType: // fall through
case kShort_GrSLType:
case kByte_GrSLType:
return 1;
case kUint_GrSLType: // fall through
case kUShort_GrSLType:
case kUByte_GrSLType:
return 1;
SK_ABORT("Unexpected type");
static void finalize_helper(GrVkVaryingHandler::VarArray& vars) {
int locationIndex = 0;
for (GrShaderVar& var : vars.items()) {
SkString location;
location.appendf("location = %d", locationIndex);
int elementSize = grsltype_to_location_size(var.getType());
SkASSERT(elementSize > 0);
int numElements = var.isArray() ? var.getArrayCount() : 1;
SkASSERT(numElements > 0);
locationIndex += elementSize * numElements;
// Vulkan requires at least 64 locations to be supported for both vertex output and fragment
// input. If we ever hit this assert, then we'll need to add a cap to actually check the
// supported input and output values and adjust our supported shaders based on those values.
SkASSERT(locationIndex <= 64);
void GrVkVaryingHandler::onFinalize() {