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* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/gpu/GrUtil.h"
#include "src/core/SkDrawProcs.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrStyle.h"
GrIntelGpuFamily GrGetIntelGpuFamily(uint32_t deviceID) {
uint32_t maskedID = deviceID & 0xFF00;
switch (maskedID) {
case 0x0100:
switch (deviceID & 0xFFF0) {
case 0x0100:
case 0x0110:
case 0x0120:
return kSandyBridge_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x0150:
if (deviceID == 0x0155 || deviceID == 0x0157) {
return kValleyView_IntelGpuFamily;
if (deviceID == 0x0152 || deviceID == 0x015A) {
return kIvyBridge_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x0160:
return kIvyBridge_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x0F00:
return kValleyView_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x0400:
case 0x0A00:
case 0x0D00:
return kHaswell_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x2200:
return kCherryView_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x1600:
return kBroadwell_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x5A00:
return kApolloLake_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x1900:
return kSkyLake_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x3100:
return kGeminiLake_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x5900:
return kKabyLake_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x3E00:
return kCoffeeLake_IntelGpuFamily;
case 0x8A00:
return kIceLake_IntelGpuFamily;
return kUnknown_IntelGpuFamily;
bool GrIsStrokeHairlineOrEquivalent(const GrStyle& style,
const SkMatrix& matrix,
SkScalar* outCoverage) {
if (style.pathEffect()) {
return false;
const SkStrokeRec& stroke = style.strokeRec();
if (stroke.isHairlineStyle()) {
if (outCoverage) {
*outCoverage = SK_Scalar1;
return true;
return stroke.getStyle() == SkStrokeRec::kStroke_Style &&
SkDrawTreatAAStrokeAsHairline(stroke.getWidth(), matrix, outCoverage);